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Marco Rubio Tells Trey Gowdy About the Intelligence Reports with Lab Leak Origins for COVID

by x82hPEs

The truth about the origins of COVID are now coming out.

Americans are shocked by what they are learning.

And now Trey Gowdy revealed a tragic truth that will ruin Dr. Fauci.

Trey Gowdy hosted Senate Intelligence Committee ranking member Marco Rubio for an interview on his Sunday night Fox News Channel show.

Both Rubio and Gowdy support red flag gun confiscation laws as well as warrantless domestic deep state spying programs, but in this interview they were focused on the emerging consensus among the public and intelligence community that COVID began by a leak out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Rubio blasted Dr. Fauci, the fake news media, Big Tech, and top Democrats for claiming proponents of the lab leak theory spread “disinformation” and saw themselves censored on social media.

“[The lab leak theory] was labeled disinformation, and a bunch of media outlets extensively went into it. But there’s a lot of common sense embedded into this. There’ve been other pandemics or other diseases that have spread out of China. MERS and SARS both happened in the last 15 years. [In] both of those cases, they said, ‘This is the animal that it came from.’ In this particular case, that has never happened,” Rubio stated.

“It also happens that this all began in a city where there are, not one, but two laboratories that conduct what they call gain of function research,” Rubio added.

Dr. Fauci and members of the fake news media tried to downplay the Department of Energy’s assessment that COVID began in the Wuhan lab by claiming the agency only gave the lab leak theory a low-confidence assessment.

But Rubio poked holes in those doubts by noting that Communist China covered up all the data and evidence about what happened in Wuhan so there would never be a high-confidence assessment.

“There’s never going to be any smoking gun, because the Chinese government’s never going to release it. [But] you start putting [the pieces] together, and it explains why the FBI and the Department of Energy have reached that conclusion. I think others will begin to move in that direction,” Rubio continued.

“All of the intelligence agencies have low confidence in their assessments, including the ones that have assessed that [COVID-19] is naturally occurring…, because they just have very limited information. We are dealing with an autocratic, tyrannical dictatorship. This is not the most open society and most open government in the world…. That’s why they’re all going to have low to moderate confidence in their rulings,” Rubio explained.

There is also no evidence to support the fringe theory pushed by Dr. Fauci and others in that scientific community that COVID began organically in nature.

A little over a week after the Energy Department’s assessment, Communist China put some data about COVID from 2020 back on a public website which contained some evidence that racoon dogs in Wuhan carried COVID and that’s how it jumped to humans.

Leftwing fake news outlets like The Atlantic pounced on this obvious planted misinformation to defend the natural origins of COVID “theory.”

Everyone else understood that Communist China saw the evidence piling up that COVID had escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology and put doctored data up on the internet to confuse the matter.

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