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Polls show voters turning against Trump indictments

by x82hPEs

Alvin Bragg was the first Democrat prosecutor to indict Donald Trump.

Bragg’s indictment was just the opening salvo in a lawfare campaign against Donald Trump designed to tip the 2024 election in Joe Biden’s favor.

But now Alvin Bragg just found out some troubling news that will leave him in ruins.

Alvin Bragg’s 34-count indictment of Donald Trump using a novel legal theory to invent the idea that Donald Trump falsified business records to cover up a federal campaign finance violation he was never charged with opened the floodgates for Democrat prosecutors like Jack Smith and Fani Willis to indict Trump on all sorts of twisted legal theories to criminalize normal political activities as well as taking advice from lawyers.

Democrats figured even if the charges were sham charges the public would never get past the idea of Donald Trump being an indicted felon, and his poll numbers would collapse.

That turned out to be a fool’s gold hope.

A new CNN poll found at least 64 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents do not see the indictments as disqualifying Trump from serving as president.

“The poll published on Tuesday asked Republicans and right-leaning independents whether or not they believe the charges, ‘if true,’ in each of the four cases against Trump ‘should disqualify [him] from the presidency,’ ‘cast doubts on his fitness’ to serve but should not disqualify him, or if they are irrelevant to his fitness for the job. In each instance, at least 64 percent of respondents said the charges ‘Are not relevant to his fitness for the presidency,’” Breitbart News exclusively reported.

In even worse news for Alvin Bragg a paltry eight percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents bought Bragg’s flimsy claim that Trump committed 34 felonies by allegedly falsifying business records to cover up a hush-money payment in violation of federal campaign laws.

“Just eight percent believe the charges should be disqualifying, while 20 percent think they should cast doubts on his adequacy to serve. However, the overwhelming majority of 70 percent do not think the case has any bearing on his fitness for office,” Breitbart also exclusively reported.

No one believes Jack Smith or Merrick Garland let Trump off the hook on violating the federal campaign finance charges Bragg is claiming Trump violated when Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels a $130,000 non-disclosure agreement settlement.

And the fact that Bragg was the first prosecutor out of the gate to indict Trump showed Americans that Democrat prosecutors were willing to stretch the law beyond the point of breaking in order to indict the leading GOP candidate for president.

The final cherry on top of the bad polling data in the wake of the indictments came from a Wall Street Journal poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden despite Democrat prosecutors piling on 91 criminal charges in four indictments and making Trump pose for a mug shot.