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Jesse Watters exposes Hunter Biden’s dark secrets

by x82hPEs

The knives are out for Jesse Watters.

The rising star of Fox News revealed a dark secret.

But in doing so, he may have just risked everything.

Fox News has made it clear that they will fire any of their top hosts on a dime if they feel it is necessary. They canned Tucker Carlson despite the fact that he had the top cable show in the world.

Hosts on Fox News are always fodder for criticism from the Left, but they can usually stay safe if they avoid certain topics and stick to generic boilerplate talking points.

Tucker Carlson broke all those rules. He went where no other cable host would go, calling out corruption in the Deep State, and they fired him for it.

Now Jesse Watters is running the very same risk.

Watters is the rising star of Fox News, especially in the wake of Carlson’s departure. He is supposed to be the next cable news superstar who crushes it in the ratings.

But he exposed a dark secret about Hunter Biden and his dad, and now Fox News may soon decide that he deserves the same fate as Tucker Carlson.

Watters had this to say on his show: “We already know that the Bidens shared the same business interests, a fired prosecutor, greased regulatory approvals, letters of recommendation to Ivy League colleges. We also already knew about commingling of funds, shared credit cards and household expenses, but what Primetime is now learning is that Vice President Joe Biden flew his son Hunter on Air Force Two more than just to China.”

Watters makes it clear that he has done his homework on this and has the facts to back it up.

“After digging through hours and hours of raw footage from Joe Biden’s time as VP, Primetime can confirm that Hunter Biden flew overseas with his dad at least eight times. These are trips we didn’t know about because Hunter didn’t walk down the tarmac next to his father. He avoided being caught on camera. It looks like Hunter snuck out of the jet through the back staircase, the ones put out for the press and this means the press knew Joe Biden was flying his son overseas and hiding it, and they didn’t report it.”

This is dangerous territory for Watters to venture into since there is a government-wide effort to sweep the Hunter Biden scandal under the rug.

Fox News has not said anything about what they plan to do with Watters, but since they are constantly worried about the FCC cracking down on them, this almost certainly has them quivering with fear.

The Biden administration may choose to go after Fox News for what Jesse Watters just revealed about Joe Biden and his wayward son Hunter, and if they do, Fox News will not hesitate to cut Watters loose like they did to Tucker Carlson.