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Tucker Carlson States Transgenderism Is the ‘Most Dangerous Extremist Group’ in America

by x82hPEs

A horrifying violent attack shows just how deranged one group of extremists are.

They’ll go terrible lengths to silence their opponents.

And Tucker Carlson just exposed this one leftist group as the most dangerous in America.

Swimming champ Riley Gaines was reportedly ambushed and physically hit twice by a man wearing a dress when she visited San Francisco State University to advocate for the rights of female athletes.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacted to the attack, calling the transgender movement a group of “religious extremists.”

“If the people who claim to be victims are working to oppress you, they’re not actually victims,” Carlson said on Friday. “They are oppressors. And once again, with this cult specifically, that is inevitable. Because at its core is a provable lie, defied and revealed by the unchanging laws of science.”

Carlson noted the complete impossibility of a person changing their biological sex.

“It is in our DNA. It is in our bone structure.”

“You dig up a fossilized skeleton thousands of years later, and you can tell its sex,” Carlson said.

“We can’t change that, much as we might want to. Much as we might feel deep sympathy for those who want to, we still can’t change it. That is true.”

“And so, of course, they have to criminalize your observing that it’s true because that is a challenge to the core of their faith. These are religious extremists on a jihad against the population, and in order to win, they have to force everyone to lie, period.”

Riley Gaines was a collegiate swimmer at the University of Kentucky until she and her teammates were forced to compete against a biological man whose real name is William Thomas. Interestingly, Thomas was a mediocre swimmer when he competed alongside other biological males, but easily won the women’s events as a “transgender” female.

“So last night, Gaines went to San Francisco State University to talk about her experiences in NCAA swimming” he continued. “And Riley Gaines is not a hater. She is a measured, decent person who believes in logic and reason and finding common ground with people who disagree with her.”

“She does not think she is God, but that fact that she does not believe that she is god makes her a terrifying threat to the zealots who do believe they’re god. And so at San Francisco State last night, the zealots attacked her,” Carlson said.

“A mob surrounded Riley Gaines and prevented her from moving through the hallways,” he recounted.

“At one point, the thugs said they wouldn’t let her pass unless she paid them money. During the chaos, a man dressed as a woman, punched her several times.”

After viewing the clip of the attack Carlson concluded, “That’s the most dangerous extremist group in the United States. There’s no mistaking that.”

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