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Potential Gag Order for Donald Trump Could Impact the Entire Election

by x82hPEs

A New York judge could throw a huge roadblock in the way of Trump’s run for president.

It’s insane how the justice system is being weaponized.

This one order imposed on Donald Trump could upend the entire election.

The legal team representing Donald Trump is reportedly expecting a gag order to be placed on him a source close to the team told the Daily Mail.

“The Trump legal team now thinks that the Manhattan judge will take the unprecedented step of silencing the presidential frontrunner with an unconstitutional gag order tomorrow,” the source said.

“The Trump legal team is considering adding a First Amendment lawyer to the effort to combat this and will fight it all the way.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told Breitbart News that Donald Trump stands for freedom of speech and Americans should be highly concerned about a gag order being imposed on Trump in effort to stifle his First Amendment rights.

“President Trump stands for transparency and our American Constitution, and any attempt to prevent him, the leading candidate for President, from exercising his First Amendment right is a tyrannical, third-world country move which further proves that this is nothing more than a political witch-hunt utilizing a weaponized justice system,” Cheung said. “All Americans should be concerned about their rights being violated and any attempt to obstruct President Trump’s right to use his voice in order to speak truth to power should never be tolerated. The whole targeted crusade is a complete political farce by the Manhattan DA meant to manipulate and interfere with an election against President Trump and his supporters.”

Criminal defense attorney Duncan Levin, who previously served as a staffer in the Manhattan DA’s office as well as a federal prosecutor, said it was “extremely likely” a gag order would be put in place according to Insider on Friday.

“I think it’s not only a possibility, but it’s extremely likely that there will be a gag order in the case,” said Levin. “Gag orders are very common in criminal cases, particularly in cases where there is an enormous amount of pretrial publicity like this one.”

Trump could be fined of up to $1,000 with as many as 30 days in jail if he were to violate a gag order.

Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project, said gag orders are not supposed to preclude defendants from exercising their First Amendment rights.

“Ordering any defendant not to speak about his charges would almost certainly violate the First Amendment,” he said on Twitter. “Telling a presidential candidate he cannot respond to allegations —including media leaks — in a political prosecution is un-American.”

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