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9/11 plotters get favorable deal from Biden administration

by x82hPEs

Joe Biden has betrayed his country with one disgusting decision.

He gave a secret gift to a terrorist who plotted 9/11.

And all hell broke loose when America found out.

It is unfathomable to think the United States government would do anything with a 9/11 terrorist other than prosecute them to the utmost extent of the law.

Americans are used to politicians debating issues like tax rates, foreign policy, and the border, but virtually everyone agrees that plotting the destruction of the World Trade Center is an act that deserves the death penalty.

Apparently, that’s not how Joe Biden sees it though. He decided to go easy on the attackers who took down the World Trade Center and killed thousands.

And this gift is sending shockwaves around the world as people cannot believe Biden could do such a thing.

According to the Daily Mail, “Furious 9/11 families have urged the Biden administration not to spare the attackers the death penalty and have demanded the release of documents that could finally implicate Saudi Arabia.”

“Brett Eagleson, who was 15 when he lost his father in the South Tower almost 22 years ago, called the proposed plea deal for the suspects awaiting trial at Guantanamo Bay a ‘sickening betrayal.’”

Further along, the article gives more details about what this plea deal would actually entail: “Earlier this month, the Pentagon sent a letter to the families of 9/11 victims explaining that plea deals are being explored for chief architect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four of his alleged co-conspirators.”

“The agreements would see them ‘accept criminal responsibility for their actions and plead guilty….in exchange for not receiving the death penalty.’”

The families of the victims killed on 9/11 are absolutely furious over this unthinkable betrayal.

The article continues, “This week, a group of 2,000 9/11 family members slammed the plans and wrote a letter to the Biden administration demanding they drop the plea deals.”

“Guilty pleas in exchange for a life sentence could finally bring to a close the over-two decade-long case, the longest ever at the war court.”

“But relatives want answers they have been waiting decades to hear – and believe the proposed deal flies in the face of the long-standing policies that the U.S. doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.”

Joe Biden should step down from the presidency after betraying his country in such a disgusting manner.

Not only is he letting these terrorists off the hook, he continues to suck up to the Saudi government by not releasing the documents showing their involvement, all while the Saudis buy up American sports leagues like the PGA Tour with the full support of various politicians.

9/11 families deserve better than to be let down time and time again.