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Megyn Kelly sounds the alarm about popular YouTuber promoting transgenderism to kinds

by x82hPEs

Megyn Kelly was furious.

And Kelly did not waste a moment to sound the alarm bells.

Megyn Kelly just exploded over an alarming sex video that every parent needs to know about.

The popular YouTuber “Mr. Beast,” whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has 171 million subscribers to his channel.

Mr. Beast’s videos feature him partaking in adventurous physical challenges that are targeted towards children and routinely racks up hundreds of millions of views.

One of Mr. Beast’s friends who often appears in his videos is a man named Kris Tyson.

However, Tyson’s physical appearance radically shifted over the course of several videos.



And Tyson has now confirmed he is transgender.

During her show, Megyn Kelly discussed how major social media platforms are targeting children with gender identity propaganda and blasted Mr. Beast for confusing children about gender in his videos.

Kelly bemoaned the fact that Mr. Beast’s goal is to reach the 1 billion subscriber mark which would result in children worldwide being exposed to a grown man falsely claiming to be a woman.

“Hundreds of millions watch it around the world. His goal is to get a billion subscribers. I heard him say that myself and his right hand man has just declared he’s not a man, he’s a woman,” Kelly began.

Kelly pointed out how no one is around to explain to children what they are seeing when Mr. Beast’s friend is a boy one day and then claims to be a woman in subsequent videos.

“You are not a woman. You are a man who’s going through something. Heart goes out to you, but you’re not a woman. And don’t confuse the young children watching Mr. Beast that you’re a woman, because he’s presenting now as a woman on Mr. Beast and these young kids who are just trying to tune in to see Mr. Beast like clean up the oceans…They wanna see the fun antics, now have to watch this guy who yesterday was a man, masquerade around as a woman and everybody’s just pretending nothing weird has happened,” Kelly continued.

Kelly’s guest commentator, Olie London, also went on to warn parents that the majority of Mr. Beast’s fans are young kids and that Mr. Beast is exposing them to a dangerous lifestyle without any thought of the consequences.

“It’s incredibly harmful because the majority of the audience for Mr. Beast are young kids,” London declared.

“Young kids idolize this YouTube channel. They wanna become like Mr. Beast. They wanna become like Kris Tyson. So when you have millions of kids looking at this person that is openly declaring, ‘I am a woman, she/her,’ and they’re also tweeting about taking hormones and how it saved their life, and they’re encouraging their young audience to try HRT, hormone replacement therapy, that is incredibly harmful. You know, it’s one thing to be struggling with your identity and to try and deal with that and find happiness, but it’s another thing to project that onto kids.”