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Heartbroken Mother Demands Joe Biden Fix Border Crisis After Daughter’s Murder

by x82hPEs

There have been tragic consequences because of Joe Biden’s open border policies.

Dangerous criminals are being allowed into America.

And after her daughter’s murder, one heartbroken mother is demanding Joe Biden fix the border crisis.

Kayla Marie Hamilton, a 20-year-old autistic girl, was murdered in July of 2022 by an illegal immigrant.

Aberdeen Police Department announced that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had found that the 17-year-old unnamed suspect was “listed in El Salvador as a member of Malva Salvatrucha 13 (MS13).”

Kayla’s mother, Tammy Nobles, says her daughter would still be alive if it wasn’t for the weak border enforcement that’s allowed MS-13 gang members to slip into the country.

“Everyone should know how he got here — all the people involved that led up to her death, I think they all should be responsible,” said Nobles as reported by The Washington Examiner.

“She was just a happy little girl that wanted to live life, and it was taken. She wasn’t doing anything. She had two jobs. She was trying to figure out life being autistic.”

“He should have never been allowed in,” Nobles said.

“The suspect was arrested at the border in Rio Grande City, Texas,” Nobles said police told her.

“We do not know if his background was checked or not.”

The suspect entered America and identified as an unaccompanied minor.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, U.S. Customs and Border Protection didn’t say whether they had screened the suspect at the border.

“CBP screens migrants utilizing a range of criteria and methods that are law enforcement sensitive,” according to a statement from CBP.

“Methods for assessing the validity of migrants’ age include the collection of biometric and biographic information such as fingerprints, photos, phone numbers, addresses, and documentation provided by migrants or government agencies.

Identification and age determination are also determined through background investigations, agent interviews, and consulate verification.”

“It just makes me so angry that this could have been prevented,” said Nobles.

“[My daughter’s] having autism just adds to the cruelness of her case. The people that are for illegal immigrants would say that he was at a disadvantage being an illegal immigrant. And I’m like, ‘Well, so was she because she had autism. She wasn’t typical. She had autism. She had high-functioning autism. She’s at a disadvantage to society, too.”

In 2021, 60 homicide or manslaughter convictions were attributed to illegal immigrants along with 1,178 assaults and domestic violence crimes.

President Joe Biden has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to pour over the border, making it easy for MS-13 and other violent gang members to come into the U.S.

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