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Democrats look to arrange trial dates to hamper Trump’s 2024 campaign

by x82hPEs

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was the first Democrat prosecutor to bring politically motivated criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Even liberal legal analysts considered Bragg’s case weak.

And Alvin Bragg just pulled one dirty trick that will leave Donald Trump red with rage.

Alvin Bragg invented a nonsensical novel legal theory that Donald Trump covered up a federal campaign finance crime he was never charged with to falsify business records so to hide reimbursing Michael Cohen for paying Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a non-disclosure agreement back in October 2016.

The Joe Biden donor who is the presiding judge in the case set a trial date for March 24, which falls right in the middle of the Republican presidential primary.

But that date may not stand up.

In a recent interview Bragg discussed how one of Joe Biden’s witch hunts against Trump is going to trial on May 20.

And Jack Smith and Democrat Fulton County Attorney General Fani Willis both plan to indict Trump on phony charges relating to Donald Trump contesting the 2020 election.

Bragg suggested that the judges in all the cases – three of them are likely to be Democrats – will get together and work out a trial schedule for Trump.

“While flagging his 3/24 2024 trial date, he said that ‘if and when’ another indictment or indictments come, ‘we’ll see what happens to the schedule. We have a firm trial date …[but] in matters like this, you know, judges will … confer & take a very broad lens on justice,’” MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Rubin posted on social media.

“Though insistent that ultimately ‘judges set the trial schedule,’ he also said he would ‘not sit on ceremony’ about the timing or order of the trials, would ‘take a broad look at what justice requires,’ and if/when judges talked about schedules, he would follow their lead,” Rubin added.

Conservatives suspect the Democrats running these trials will get together and stagger the trial schedule so as to provide maximum political benefit to the Democrat Party.

The trial in Florida is the only proceeding where Trump stands to get a fair judge and jury as it is the only one not held in a Democrat stronghold.

In all likelihood the judges and Democrat prosecutors will stagger the trials to run as close to the general election as possible so the all-but-assured guilty verdicts – the juries will be pulled from liberal bastions filled with Trump haters – will come as close to the general election as possible.

Joe Biden weaponized the justice system for a reason.

And Alvin Bragg hinted that the Democrats would leave nothing to chance.