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John Fetterman tells Democrats not to underestimate Donald Trump

by x82hPEs

John Fetterman is getting ready to hit the panic button.

And John Fetterman delivered a scary warning about Trump that hit Joe Biden like a ton of bricks.

Pennsylvania is the battleground of all battlegrounds.

Donald Trump narrowly carried the commonwealth in 2016 which put him over the top on the Electoral College.

Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania in 2020 proved critical to his campaign.

One Democrat who can read the tea leaves in his home turf is Democrat Senator John Fetterman.

Fetterman made it clear in both public and private comments that Donald Trump is the Republican who terrifies him the most and who has the best chance of turning Pennsylvania red in 2024.

“Trump is very popular. You still see Trump signs everywhere … you’ve got to respect Trump’s strength,” Fetterman said in a gathering with reporters.

In private Fetterman was more explicit saying anyone that underestimates Trump is a fool as the working class base that formed the foundation of the winning coalition in 2016 is as potent as ever.

“According to a senior Fetterman aide, the senator is predicting Biden will win reelection, but he now believes that Trump is the only candidate in the entire 2024 GOP primary field who can compete — particularly in Pennsylvania,” Rolling Stone reported.

Fetterman also expressed his belief that Ron DeSantis would be easier to defeat than Trump.

“Fighting Mickey Mouse doesn’t play in PA,” Rolling Stone also reported.

“Fetterman says Trump, in contrast, is a candidate to be taken seriously in Pennsylvania, and that anyone who doesn’t is simply being too arrogant,” the Rolling Stone report continued.

Polling data backs up Fetterman’s fears.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed Trump beating Biden in Pennsylvania thanks to Trump holding a commanding 14-point lead over Biden with the critical independent voter bloc.

“In a hypothetical 2024 general election matchup between Biden and Trump, the race is a virtual dead heat among all registered voters with 47 percent supporting Trump and 46 percent supporting Biden,” a Quinnipiac polling memo stated.

“Republicans (89 – 7 percent) and independents (51 – 37 percent) support Trump, while Democrats (94 – 4 percent) support Biden,” the polling memo reported.

New General Election polling from Donald Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin also shows Trump leading Joe Biden.

Democrats know Donald Trump is a serious threat to win the 2024 election because voters view Joe Biden as a failed president who is too old, too physically frail, and in too steep a state of cognitive decline to carry on for another four years.

And that is why conservatives believe Biden weaponized the justice system to try and stop Trump from running in 2024.