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Alvin Bragg wants Trump video testimony for criminal trial

by x82hPEs

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg took the next step in escalating his witch hunt against Donald Trump.

Bragg is preparing for total war.

And Alvin Bragg is after one hidden video that spells big trouble for Donald Trump.

Alvin Bragg is scheming to use Donald Trump’s video testimony in the E. Jean Carroll civil rape suit against Trump when Bragg takes his sham criminal case to trial next March.

In the testimony, Trump defended his comments from the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape where Trump boasted that stars could get away with whatever they wanted.

“Historically that’s true with stars. If you look over the last million years, that’s largely true, unfortunately—or fortunately,” Trump testified at trial.

The jury rejected Carroll’s claims that Trump raped her but found Trump defamed Carroll by denying he raped her since the jury claimed Trump sexually assaulted Carroll.

Bragg subpoenaed Carroll’s lawyers for the video tape to play as evidence in trial and now the case is before a federal judge.

“According to court records, Manhattan prosecutors plan to use it to show the way Trump ‘dealt with allegations of a sexual nature,’ which could get them closer to proving that he was desperate to keep the lid on bad news that could have sunk his 2016 campaign,” The Daily Beast exclusively reported.

Trump’s lawyers contested the subpoena arguing the judge in the case put the video tape deposition under a protective order.

“Two weeks later, Trump’s lawyers moved to block that subpoena, claiming that prosecutors are trying to ‘fish for impeachment material’ that would harm the former president in court. They also claimed that the video was under some kind of protective order issued by the federal judge overseeing Carroll’s defamation case,” The Daily Beast also reported.

Bragg claims he wants the tape to prove Trump would go to any lengths to suppress allegations of sexual indiscretions.

In this case, Bragg concocted a frivolous and absurd legal theory that Trump committed a nonexistent federal campaign finance crime – one which the Biden Justice Department never charged Trump with – when Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a non-disclosure settlement in October 2016.

Bragg is charging Trump with falsifying business records to cover up reimbursing Cohen for the payment to Daniels.

Legal experts on both sides of the aisle consider Bragg’s case a joke and that even if Bragg wins a conviction in highly Democrat New York City the courts will eventually toss the case on appeal.

But conservatives suspect what Bragg is really trying to do is embarrass Trump politically by making Trump look bad with his comments about the “Access Hollywood” tape.

Trump’s biggest political weakness is his standing with suburban women and Democrats figure anything that keeps the focus on Trump controversies is good for Joe Biden.

An increasing number of Americans believe Democrat prosecutors like Bragg weaponized the justice system as a failsafe to stop Trump from winning re-election.

Bragg looking to play Trump’s video deposition from the E. Jean Carroll trial is only going to cement that idea as a fact.