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Mike Pence defends Jack Smith’s indictment of Donald Trump

by x82hPEs

Former Vice President Mike Pence is challenging Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.

But Pence just crossed a red line and left conservatives speechless.

And what Mike Pence just said about Jack Smith will have you seeing red.

Establishment Republicans are secretly hoping anti-Trump prosecutor Jack Smith takes out Donald Trump.

Mike Pence is trying to straddle the line between the big-money donors who want Trump gone and the GOP base which remains loyal to Trump.

Pence’s balancing act collapsed as he came out in favor of Smith’s charges against Trump.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal editorial board Pence said he could not defend Trump’s conduct in this matter.

“Having read the indictment,” Pence told the Journal’s op-ed board, “these are very serious allegations. And I can’t defend what is alleged. But the President is entitled to his day in court, he’s entitled to bring a defense, and I want to reserve judgment until he has the opportunity to respond.”

During an appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Pence repeated the corporate media talking point that “No one is above the law.”

While this is true, this principle never applies to Democrats as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden all get treated with kid gloves and get to flout the law.

Pence again walked right up to the line of calling Trump a criminal and even tried to echo Smith’s claim that Trump somehow put American national security at risk even though Smith never alleged Trump ever leaked or disseminated national security secrets.

“I cannot defend what is alleged. The very prospect that highly classified material could have fallen into the wrong hands even inadvertently, jeopardizes our national security. The former president has a right to his day in court,” Pence added.

But Pence really went off the rails during an interview with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton.

Pence refused to say he believed the charges against Trump were politically motivated.

The former vice president also refused to commit to pardoning Trump if Pence won the election and a jury convicted Trump.

Travis could not understand why Pence would validate a sham, politicized prosecution of Trump.

Pence claimed he wanted to respect the judicial system and let the process play out, but Republicans no longer trust that answer after seven years of a weaponized justice system and the FBI targeting Donald Trump and his supporters.