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Report: Paul Ryan played a role in Fox News firing Tucker Carlson

by x82hPEs

Fox News tried to keep the real reason it fired Tucker Carlson under wraps.

But whistleblowers are coming forward to spill the beans on the truth behind Fox ousting its number-one star.

And you won’t believe who was behind Fox News firing Tucker Carlson.

Fox News is leaking stories to The New York Times to get its spin out in the press about why management axed Tucker Carlson.

The latest Fox News attempt at damage control appeared in the Times claiming Fox News worried about the fallout from the $787 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems and the role Carlson’s text messages would play in any impending shareholder lawsuits.

“How Fox’s executives and board handled the case in the months before the trial was scheduled to begin is expected to be at issue in shareholder lawsuits filed against the company in Delaware,” the Times reported. “Though Mr. Carlson’s show, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ was only a small factor in the Dominion suit, his personal texts were drawing outsize scrutiny.”

A source inside Fox News told Breitbart that spin was only partially true.

Chairman Rupert Murdoch reportedly met with the board of directors — of which RINO former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is a member — and decided to fire Carlson and not renew the contract of popular host Dan Bongino over fears that Carlson and Bongino would not follow orders on new editorial mandates.

Breitbart reports:

Shortly after the Dominion lawsuit was settled, Carlson was ousted. A Fox News source told Breitbart News an important meeting involving the Murdochs and potentially Paul Ryan occurred at Fox after the settlement that led to Carlson’s ouster.

“After the Dominion settlement, there was clearly a meeting at the network—I don’t know if it was a board meeting or just the Murdochs, but someone made a decision—and said these two are the biggest threats to the network and they don’t listen to anyone,” the source told Breitbart News about Carlson and Dan Bongino.

Ryan and Murdoch both champion an establishment-friendly version of the GOP where the Republican Party supports amnesty, open borders, gun control, and combating climate change.

Carlson and Bongino would never agree to shape their coverage to fit Murdoch and Ryan’s vision of a Republican Party that expelled Donald Trump while gravitating back to the days when Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney called the shots in the GOP.

Carlson and Bongino would never agree to such editorial edicts.

And so, insiders reported that Fox News Channel Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Paul Ryan conspired to get rid of them.