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Top Democrat Faces Contempt of Congress for Refusal to Hand Over Key Piece of Evidence

by x82hPEs

A top member of the Biden Administration is in deep trouble.

He’s facing a potential criminal referral due to his defiant behavior.

This top Democrat could end up in jail over one key piece of evidence.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is facing being in contempt of Congress from House Republicans due to his role in stonewalling the investigations into Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Blinken has repeatedly refused to hand over an internal dissent cable which was signed by two dozen U.S. Embassy members in Kabul a month before the Taliban took over.

McCaul issued the congressional subpoena in late March for the unredacted version of “the Dissent Channel cable sent on or about July 13, 2021, reportedly signed by 23 State Department officials, and the official response to it.”= Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) told the Daily Mail that members of Congress gave Blinken and State Department officials “ample time” to hand over the requested classified dissent report.

“We’ve given them ample time,” McCaul said. “Three extensions of time we tried to work this out, but unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that that’s going to work, and the next step will be to move to contempt proceedings.”

Instead, the State Department provided “a roughly one-page summary of the dissent cable” and the State Department’s “official response” which was “just under one page in length.”

The original cable was four pages long.

Not surprisingly, McCaul found the information provided to be “misleading” and “insufficient.”

“Should the Department fail to comply with its legal obligation, the Committee is prepared to take the necessary steps to enforce its subpoena, including holding you in contempt of Congress and/or initiating a civil enforcement proceeding,” McCaul said according to Fox News.

In August 2021, President Joe Biden personally dismissed taking into account the warnings of a Taliban takeover following our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“We got all kinds of cables, all kinds of advice. If you notice, it ranged from this group saying — they didn’t say it would fall when it would fall, when it did fall — but saying it would fall to others, saying it wouldn’t happen for a long time, and they’d be able to sustain themselves through the end of the year,” Biden said during a press conference.

“I made the decision. The buck stops with me. I took the consensus opinion. The consensus opinion was that, in fact, it would not occur, if it occurred, until later in the year. It was my decision.”

Yet, despite Biden’s claims that the “the buck stops with me,” he’s been unwilling to take personal responsibility for the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan and to allow the American people to see the clear warnings that he dismissed.

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