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Megyn Kelly lauds Trump’s Supreme Court picks after conservative victories

by x82hPEs

Megyn Kelly once feuded with Donald Trump.

Now Kelly has something she needs to get off her chest.

And Megyn Kelly admitted one truth about Donald Trump that will leave you speechless.

The current Supreme Court turn saw Donald Trump’s three nominees hand conservatives major victories on ending affirmative action in admission policies at colleges and universities, reaffirming that the First Amendment protected Christians from the government forcing them to violate their faith by providing services for homosexual marriages, and slapping down Joe Biden’s unconstitutional plan to steal $400 billion from the Treasury to fund a student loan bailout scheme.

These massive victories came on the heels of last year’s term where Trump’s nominees provided the margin to overturn Roe v. Wade and expand the scope of Second Amendment rights.

The conservative legal project has fought for decades for these victories and Donald Trump delivered the long sought-after wins.

Megyn Kelly wrote on Twitter that the Supreme Court decisions represented a banner day for Donald Trump and that they would provide a powerful rallying cry in the GOP primary for conservatives.

“A spectacular day for Donald Trump whose three conservative picks for SCOTUS were integral to the historic decisions yesterday and today,” Kelly posted. “Major feather in his cap and will likely (& rightfully) be touted by his campaign in coming months.”

Joe Biden’s comments in the wake of these decisions show that in a Trump-Biden rematch the Supreme Court promises to play a starring role.

Biden fumed after the Court struck down affirmative action.

In his comments Biden doubled down on imposing institutional racism in college admissions policies.

“We cannot let this decision be the last word,” Biden declared. “While the court can render a decision, it cannot change what America stands for. America’s an idea. An idea unique in the world. An idea of hope and opportunity. Of possibilities. Of giving everyone a fair shot. Of leaving no one behind. We’ve never fully lived up to it, but we’ve never walked away from it either. We will not walk away from it now.”

And after the Court struck down his student loan bailout scheme Biden announced a direct challenge to the Court by declaring he would issue a new order to raid the Treasury of $400 billion to fund a student loan robbery.

“I’m announcing a new path to provide student debt relief to as many borrowers as possible, as quickly as possible, grounded in the Higher Education Act,” Biden added. “Just moments ago, @SecCardona took the first official step to initiate this new approach. We aren’t wasting any time.”

Donald Trump won the 2016 election in large part because it was a referendum on who voters wanted picking Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

Voters who listed the Supreme Court as their number one issue went for Trump over Hillary Clinton by a 56 to 41 percent margin.

And the 2024 election could once again be fought on very favorable terms for Donald Trump if the Supreme Court is front and center.