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Jim Jordan Subpoenas Ex-Manhattan Prosecutor Who Pushed Trump Indictment

by x82hPEs

There are massive problems with the criminal case Democrats are trying to push against Trump.

It could end up backfiring against them in a massive way.

And Jim Jordan has found a witness that could destroy the Democrats’ prosecution of Trump.

House Republicans on Thursday subpoenaed former prosecutor and special assistant to the Manhattan DA’s office, Mark Pomerantz, to appear before the committee for a deposition on April 20th.

Pomerantz resigned from the Manhattan DA’s office last year when Alvin Bragg had initially made the decision not to prosecute Donald Trump for possible financial crimes.

“Pomerantz publicly criticized Bragg for failing to aggressively prosecute President Trump and even wrote a memoir describing his eagerness to investigate President Trump and disclosing internal deliberations about the investigation,” the Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jim Jordan, said.

They added that Pomerantz’s public statements about the investigation “strongly suggest” Bragg’s prosecution of President Trump was “politically motivated.”

The subpoena says: “Based on your unique role as a special assistant district attorney leading the investigation into President Trump’s finances, you are uniquely situated to provide information that is relevant and necessary to inform the Committee’s oversight and potential legislative reforms.”

“Although the New York County District Attorney’s Office has directed you not to cooperate with our oversight, you have already discussed many of the topics relevant to our oversight in a book you wrote and published in February 2023, as well as in several public interviews to promote your book.”

“As a result, you have no basis to decline to testify about matters before the Committee that you have already discussed in your book and/or on a prime-time television program with an audience in the millions, including on the basis of any purported duty of confidentiality or privilege interest.”

Jordan’s subpoena continues, “Your book, described as a ‘300-page exercise in score-settling and scorn,’ also reveals the extent to which the New York County District Attorney’s Office’s investigation of President Trump appears to have been politically motivated. Specifically, you describe your eagerness to investigate President Trump, writing that you were ‘delighted’ to join an unpaid group of lawyers advising on the Trump investigations, and joking that salary negotiations had gone ‘great’ because you would have paid to join the investigation.”

Of course Bragg’s office is upset with the subpoena and claims Republicans are “interfering” with their case – which Jim Jordan promised he would do – and Bragg personally called the subpoena an “attempt to undermine an active investigation and ongoing New York criminal case.”

“Repeated efforts to weaken state and local law enforcement actions are an abuse of power and will not deter us from our duty to uphold the law,” Bragg wrote in a tweet.

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