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Montana Gov Told Tucker Carlson How Biden Delayed Notifying Him About Chinese Balloon

by x82hPEs

The Biden administration withheld critical information about the Chinese spy balloon from local authorities.

The way they handled the situation is truly shocking.

And Montana’s Governor told Tucker Carlson how Biden delayed notifying him about the Chinese spy balloon.

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte of Montana said on Friday that he was not informed by the Biden administration about the Chinese spy balloon until it was above the state’s most populous area.

“Well, when I got briefed this slow-moving balloon was hundreds of miles into Montana, it had already flown near the Air Force base and the ICBM silos,” Gianforte told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“When I finally got informed, it was over our most populous city, it got spotted by a photographer at the airport.”

“Well, that’s bizarre,” Carlson responded. “That suggests deception.”

“If it was up to Montanans, this thing would have been taken out of the sky the moment it entered our sovereign airspace,” Gianforte said.

“Initially, in the briefing I got, earlier in the week they were contemplating taking it out of the sky. For whatever reason, they didn’t do that,” Gianforte added when Carlson asked why it wasn’t shot down.

“Now, clearly this went to the president’s desk. He was given options, for whatever reason, he chose not to act and unfortunately the result of that is that Americans are endangered and our enemies are emboldened.”

The U.S. military finally shot down the Chinese spy balloon on Saturday off of South Carolina’s coast. Appearing on “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Biden for being afraid of China.

“What began as a spy balloon has become a trial balloon, testing President Biden’s strength and resolve.

And unfortunately, the president failed that test. And that’s dangerous for the American people. The president was paralyzed for an entire week by a balloon,” Cotton said.

“We should have shot this balloon down over the Aleutian Islands. We should have never allowed it to transit the entire continental United States. And I think there’s a lot of open questions that the administration needs to answer to Congress on behalf of the American people about why they didn’t.”

Cotton said Biden didn’t want to risk taking any “provocative or confrontational” actions against “the Chinese communists.”

Cotton also noted that if it weren’t for the people of Montana taking pictures of the balloon and posting them online, Biden would have never taken any action at all.

“Democratic presidents only take action like shooting down this balloon once their hand is forced. And I think on Thursday, when civilians in Montana identified this balloon, it — well, it forced the president’s hand,” Cotton said.

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