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Biden DOJ Attacks Freedom of Speech by Jailing Trump Supporter for Internet Meme

by x82hPEs

Donald Trump enraged Democrats by defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Democrats spent the next nearly seven years trying to get even.

And now Hillary Clinton was grinning from ear to ear after scoring this huge revenge on Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump won in 2016, the left — Democrats and the corporate media — declared war on “misinformation” on social media.

Activists in the press and elected Democrats complained that free speech online cost Hillary the election because voters got access to information about Hillary that undercut the Democrat Party and media narrative about the election.

At first the left quashed free speech online by leveraging their allies’ positions of power in Silicon Valley to censor conservatives which culminated with the banning of Donald Trump on every major social media platform.

But Joe Biden took the war on free speech to a new level by criminalizing opposition to Democrats.

Biden made an example of a Trump supporter named Douglass Mackey who posted a satirical meme online telling Hillary Clinton supporters they could vote by text.

The Biden administration arrested Mackey on charges of suppressing the vote.

After a one-week trial in deep-blue Brooklyn, a jury convicted Mackey for the “crime” of making fun of Hillary Clinton.

Mackey now faces 10 years in prison even though Tucker Carlson pointed out the government could not prove any voters actually were fooled and missed out on casting a ballot in the election.

“After a Manhattan grand jury indicted Joe Biden’s rival in the next presidential race, another jury, also in New York, convicted a Republican social media influencer named Douglass Mackey. What did Mackey do wrong? Well Douglass Mackey’s crime was mocking Hillary Clinton voters online,” Carlson stated. “You’re seeing on your screen the meme that Mackey posted on Twitter during the 2016 election. In that meme, Mackey suggests it’s possible to vote for president by text message because only Hillary voters could believe something so absurd. But of course in real life, no one believed that, Mackey’s insult did not alter a single vote in the election. No one has proved otherwise. The government brought forth not a single victim of this crime. It couldn’t.”

“The case against Doug Mackey is the most shocking attack on freedom of speech in this country in our lifetime,” Carlson continued.

Carlson explained the Biden administration jailing Mackey as an act of vengeance was another example of the two-tiered system of justice and a weaponized government targeting conservatives.

A Hillary Clinton supporter posted a similar meme to Mackey, but Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland gave her a pass because she voted for Democrats.

“It is also a useful lesson on who will be allowed to speak going forward. As it turns out, a woman called Kristina Wong posted almost an identical meme that year in the 2016 election but unlike Doug Mackey, Wong voted for Hillary Clinton,” Carlson added. “‘Hey Trump supporters,’ she wrote, ‘skip poll lines and text in your vote.’ Same crime, but the Department of Justice under Joe Biden has shown no interest in prosecuting Kristina Wong. Do you see how this works? Have you internalized our new partisan legal standards? That would be the point of the exercise. They want you to know the rules.”

The Democrats trying to jail Donald Trump is the most high-profile example of a weaponized government.

But the Biden administration is even targeting everyday Trump supporters for criminal prosecution and jail time.