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Kevin McCarthy inches closer to opening an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden

by x82hPEs

Conservatives are watching as evidence of scandal and criminal activity related to the Biden family grows more damning every day.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy finally commented.

And this impeachment bombshell turned Joe Biden pale as a ghost.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, House Speaker McCarthy raised the prospect of an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden over allegations of bribe-taking and weaponizing the government to help his re-election campaign.

McCarthy told Hannity that an impeachment inquiry would allow Republicans to compel Biden to turn over documents as well as force witness testimony.

“If you’re sitting in our position today, we would know none of this if Republicans had not taken the majority,” McCarthy stated. “We’ve only followed where the information has taken us. But this is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry, which provides Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed.”

McCarthy promised that the GOP majority would pursue investigations into allegations that the founder of Burisma paid Joe and Hunter Biden $10 million to induce Joe Biden to leverage his position as vice president to pressure the Ukrainian government to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating the company for corruption.

Biden’s Justice Department also cut Hunter Biden a kid-gloves plea deal after IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler testified that Biden officials blocked felony charges and prevented them from pursuing leads that could have produced incriminating evidence against Joe Biden.

McCarthy told Hannity that Republicans would pursue these allegations against Biden as they raised bigger concerns about corrupt and criminal conduct by the president than in Watergate.

“I believe we will follow this all the way to the end, and this is gonna rise to an impeachment inquiry the way the Constitution tells us to do this,” McCarthy continued.

“This president has also used something we haven’t seen since Nixon, the weaponization of government to benefit his family and deny Congress the ability to have the oversight,” McCarthy added.

The following day McCarthy doubled down and said Republicans would pursue an impeachment inquiry if the facts warranted.

“Our investigations are revealing more info every day about the Biden family’s shell companies and the sweetheart deal from the DOJ. The American public has a right to the truth. If evidence continues to rise to the level of an impeachment inquiry, House Republicans will act,” McCarthy posted on social media.

Many conservatives are wondering what it will take for McCarthy to act.

The FBI got caught trying to cover up a tip from a highly credible confidential human source about the Burisma founder allegedly bribing Joe Biden in exchange for political favors.

The IRS whistleblowers testified about the unprecedented political meddling by the Biden Justice Department in the Hunter Biden probe.

The two scandals look like they are linked as the Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal closed off the most promising avenue to investigate the Biden bribe allegations.

Democrats impeached Donald Trump twice based on two sham, partisan hoaxes.

And conservatives are asking themselves how much more proof McCarthy needs to hold Joe Biden accountable.