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John Fetterman admits his health issues were far worse than anyone knew

by x82hPEs

John Fetterman thought it was time to finally come clean.

The controversial Democrat was not honest with the voters.

And you’ll be speechless when you see what John Fetterman just confessed to.

The media continues to try and gaslight the American people about John Fetterman’s health.

By now everyone knows Fetterman suffered a stroke last May just days before the Democrat primary.

Fetterman’s team claimed he would be back on the campaign trail shortly.

Shortly turned out to be three months and it was obvious Fetterman suffered from severe cognitive issues as he could not speak coherently or process his thoughts without visual aids.

Time Magazine’s Molly Ball is out with another puff piece trying to turn questions about Fetterman not being mentally or physically capable of serving in the Senate into a hero’s journey overcoming mental health issues.

The lede of Ball’s piece acknowledges that the stroke Fetterman suffered in May nearly killed him.

Fetterman hid this fact from the voters.

Then Ball writes that the bout of depression he suffered after realizing the stroke would leave him a permanently diminished version of himself – another fact Fetterman lied to voters about as during the campaign for Senate, Fetterman claimed by January he would be recovered – led to Fetterman not caring if he lived or died.

“When he looks back on the past year—a year in which he nearly died, became a U.S. Senator, and nearly died again—it is the debate that John Fetterman identifies as the ­breaking point,” Ball wrote.

The next two paragraphs of Ball’s piece show she is trying to run cover for Fetterman by recasting his issues from cognitive impairment to mental health as Fetterman struggles to speak in coherent sentences.

“’The debate lit the mitch,’ he says, then shakes his head in frustration and tries again. The right word is there in his brain, but he struggles to get it out. ‘Excuse me, that should be lit the mitch—’ He stops and tries again. ‘Lit the match,’ he says finally,” Ball wrote.

“’I knew I had to do it,’ he tells me. ‘I knew that the voters deserve to have what, what the stroke has done to me—transparency that way.’ As soon as it was over, he knew it had not gone well. ‘I knew at that moment that I was going to be considered—consider myself—like, a national embarrassment,’” Ball added.

Liberal journalists like Ball keep trying to fool Americans about Fetterman because it would be devastating for the Democrat Party if health issues forced Fetterman to step down.

That’s because Democrats already face a difficult 2024 Senate map in trying to defend seats in Ohio, West Virginia, and Montana.

Fetterman resigning would create an open seat in a swing state where Democrats would need to spend tens of millions of dollars they need to try and prop up incumbents in red states.

Liberals like Molly Ball and the outlets they work for believe the best interests of the Democrat Party are in the best interests of the nation.

And that is why the press keeps trying to retcon John Fetterman’s issues.