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Gold Star parent catches Joe Biden lying about his son’s death

by x82hPEs

This is the most despicable deed Joe Biden has committed.

He delivered a nasty insult to the family of one fallen soldier.

Now Joe Biden is in hot water like never before for his disgusting act.

Joe Biden has always been extremely comfortable with lying. From his ridiculous stories about “Corn Pop” to his claims that Republicans want to put African-Americans “back in chains,” lying is second nature to Biden.

But he’s perhaps never told a lie quite as insulting and disgusting as this one.

Joe Biden’s son Beau was the Attorney General for the state of Delaware, the home state of the Biden Family.

Beau died in 2015 from brain cancer, which of course was a tragedy. Brain cancer is a painful and debilitating disease that claims far too many lives.

But brain cancer is not the same as dying on the battlefield. And Joe Biden, for some inexplicable reason, can’t seem to understand the difference.

Beau Biden did serve in the military, that part is true. He deployed to Iraq in 2008. But that is not where or how he died. And Joe Biden is trying to deceive Americans.

According to the New York Post, “Families of the 13 US service members who were killed in an ISIS suicide bombing during the Biden administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan lined up Monday to slam the White House — with one Gold Star mom accusing the president of callously likening her son’s death to that of his late son Beau.”

“Cheryl Rex, whose son Marine Lance Cpl. Dylan Merola died in the Aug. 26, 2021, bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, said she became enraged at Biden’s mawkish sentiment, knowing full well that Beau Biden died of brain cancer on US soil.”

“His words to me were, ‘My wife, Jill, and I know how you feel. We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin,’” Rex said, describing the incident. “My heart started beating faster and I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side.”

This is a grotesque insult to a mother who is still mourning the death of her son.

Joe Biden has no right to claim this stolen valor on behalf of his son, who did not die on the battlefield like Cheryl Rex’s son did.

The article reveals the actual truth, “In fact, Beau passed away in May 2015 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., at the age of 46 – six years after he came home from a yearlong deployment to Iraq in September 2009.”

This is a terrible look for Joe Biden, and now he’s – rightfully – getting roasted by the mothers of fallen soldiers.

Maybe next time he should think twice before insulting these heroes.