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Boy Scout membership in sharp decline after decision to go woke

by x82hPEs

The Boy Scouts was one institution Americans could count on as a pillar of traditional life that instilled values in boys that helped them grow into the adults that allowed society to function.

But now the Boy Scouts is just another organization bending the knee to the left in the culture wars.

And all hell broke loose when the Boy Scouts went woke with this insane decision.

The Boy Scout National Jamboree took place and homosexual activist Mike De Socio applauded how woke the Boy Scouts went in a recent Washington Post piece.

De Socio marveled at how the Boy Scouts invited homosexual groups to the jamboree to promote gender identity insanity and lifestyles to children.

In the article, De Socio recounted how a homosexual scout volunteer who describes himself as pansexual and nonbinary welcomed 2,000 children to a tent at the jamboree decorated with Pride flags and other homosexual propaganda artifacts.

“This is my entire world,” scout volunteer River Capell recounted. “There’s been days where there’s 2,000 kids in this tent alone. And that is just, like, absurd.”

Capell told De Socio that the children were asking questions about gender identity and homosexuality which he was happy to answer.

“I’ve had some scouts asking genuine questions, like ‘What does it mean to be this? What does it mean to be that?’” Capell added. “But it was all curiosity, and how do I help, rather than [hostility]. So it’s all been incredibly welcoming and positive.”

In 2023 America going woke means going broke if you pull your customer base from red-state America.

Bud Light and Target lost tens of billions of dollars in market cap after promoting transgenderism to young people.

The Bud Light boycott ravaged sales so thoroughly that stores are eliminating shelf space for Bud Light and the company is laying off workers.

The Boy Scouts were the canary in the coal mine to this pushback against the woke agenda as the scouts suffered their own fallout from promoting transgenderism and homosexuality after decades of pitching itself as a foundational pillar of traditional American life.

Between 2019 and 2020 the scouts lost half their membership.

15,000 people attended this year’s jamboree down from 40,000 in 2017.

Yet De Socio did not connect the dots between the Boy Scouts’ declining membership and the decision in 2015 to admit homosexuals, transgender boys in 2017 and girls in 2018.

The Boy Scouts trashed the values of the very people who formed the backbone of Boy Scout membership, and the majority of people said no thanks and abandoned the group.

Organizations like the Boy Scouts fall into the trap of thinking their future depends on appealing to young people who get hooked on the latest cultural fad.

That’s how Bud Light ended up signing a sponsorship deal with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

But like Bud Light, the Boy Scouts learned that both its red-state customer base and the blue-state cultural elites they tried to court associate their brand with traditional values.

There is no chance to attract the latter and lurching into the culture wars on the side of the woke alienates the former.