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FBI agents admit they corroborated some of the details in the Biden bribery allegations document

by x82hPEs

The cover-up of the Joe Biden bribe scandal completely collapsed.

Truth is starting to trickle out that obliterates the denials and attempts by Democrats and the media to minimize the bribery allegations.

And now all hell broke loose after a shocking FBI discovery about the Joe Biden bribe scandal.

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley turned Washington upside down by releasing the June 2020 FBI FD-1023 form where a highly credible confidential human source reported that Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky told him that he paid Joe and Hunter Biden each a $5 million bribe so then-Vice President Joe Biden could exploit his position to help Burisma gain access to the U.S. market.


Members of the media falsely claimed Republicans released uncorroborated FBI allegations into the public discourse to try and smear Joe Biden.

That was yet another lie.

The Daily Mail reported that FBI agents working the Hunter Biden investigation were able to corroborate several of the informant’s claims.

In 2020 then-Attorney General William Barr tasked Pennsylvania United States Attorney Scott Brady with investigating the allegations of foreign lobbying and influence peddling as part of the Hunter Biden investigation.

One insider told the Daily Mail that led to FBI agents discovering an interview from 2017 with this confidential human source where the subject of Hunter Biden and Burisma came up.

The insider told the Daily Mail that the FBI relied on this informant over the years as they provided trusted information that had nothing to do with the Bidens.

“’This was a CHS [confidential human source] that had a long relationship with the FBI, had given information that was used in multiple other investigations unrelated to Burisma or the Bidens,’” the Daily Mail reported the source saying.

The insider revealed it took one month to overcome the internal pushback to interviewing this source, but when agents finally spoke to the confidential informant they were blown away.

“’We got that report back and we were like, holy smokes, this is something,’” the source also told the Daily Mail.

In trying to chase down the informant’s claims the FBI was able to corroborate several dates of meetings and who attended based on travel logs as well as the allegations about Burisma’s financial motives based on available public records.

“’There were multiple meetings alleged overseas. Some of the CHS’s claims were corroborated against the CHS travel records, and contemporary knowledge from the handler about him attending meetings with Zlochevsky and other people present,’” the Daily Mail reported.

“The informant told the FBI that they had met with Zlochevsky at Burisma’s office in Kyiv, Ukraine, in late 2015 or early 2016; in Vienna, Austria, in early 2016; and had a telephone call with the gas magnate after the 2016 presidential election,” the Daily Mail also reported.

“Public records also match some of the informant’s claims – including that Zlochevsky was aiming to buy a US subsidiary to improve his American business prospects,” the Daily Mail exclusively reported.

The fact that FBI agents were able to stand up some of the source’s claims also explains why FBI higher-ups never shared the FD-1023 form with the IRS agents investigating Hunter Biden.

IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley testified that at every turn they were blocked from asking questions or pursuing leads that would implicate Joe Biden.

If the FBI gave the IRS the FD-1023 form, the Bureau would have to admit they were able to back up some of the source’s claims which would naturally lead to the agents likely trying to pursue the bribe claims.

And it is becoming more apparent that the true purpose of the Hunter Biden sweetheart plea deal was to shut down any chance investigators would begin to dig into Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s deals and what they would uncover could lead to legal and political crises for Joe Biden.