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Megyn Kelly blasts Joe Biden for bringing Hunter Biden to State Dinner

by x82hPEs

Megyn Kelly couldn’t hold back anymore.

The growing Hunter Biden scandal was too much to bear.

Megyn Kelly lowered the boom on Hunter Biden with one epic truth bomb.

The corporate media is trying to maintain the cover-up of Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption.

Megyn Kelly was not having any of it.

After accepting a sweetheart plea deal that allowed him to avoid prison Hunter Biden strutted around a state dinner Joe Biden threw for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi like a Hollywood star walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley exposed the seedy details behind the plea deal where the Justice Department interfered in the investigation every step of the way to protect Hunter Biden from facing felony criminal charges.

The Justice Department also tanked the investigation to stop the IRS and the FBI from digging into Joe Biden’s role in the business dealings with Communist China and Russia that led investigators to believe Hunter Biden committed criminal acts.

But to the liberal media the real story was the fact that Joe Biden offered his son unconditional love.

“The View” co-host Ana Navarro tried to gaslight her audience into thinking Joe Biden parading Hunter Biden around at a state dinner following his own Justice Department allowing Hunter Biden to skate on criminal charges was an act worthy of a Father of the Year award.

“The Hunter Biden story, the scandal, the this, the that — it’s also the story of a father’s love, and Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter, and will never treat him lesser than,” Navarro began.

“He is a father first; take it or leave it. That’s who he is, that is part of his heart,” Navarro continued. “There was 380 people at this dinner. It’s not like Hunter was sitting at Merrick Garland’s lap. It was a bunch of people… and I think that the reason he’s been able to get out of addiction is because Joe Biden embraced him entirely the entire time.”

Kelly saw through this nonsense and put the scene in the proper perspective.

Joe Biden wanted to flaunt the fact that his family is above the law and wanted everyone to know that while he has the power to arrest Donald Trump, he also has the power to make his own son escape accountability.

“You can love your child and still recognize it would be inappropriate, given the circumstances, to bring him to something that is not your private party,” Kelly exclaimed.

“It’s not your private party, Joe Biden,” Kelly concluded. “It’s our party. It’s the United States. It’s America, and Hunter Biden should not have been there!”

It was not just Megyn Kelly that felt this way.

Millions of Americans saw Hunter Biden attending the state dinner under these circumstances as the left wanting everyone to know there is a hierarchy in America and that membership in this club depends on your political affiliation.