When Fetterman returned to the Senate, the corporate media played right along and acted like it was completely normal that Fetterman refused to take questions from reporters.

What liberal activists in the media – like CNN’s Manu Raju – did not want to draw attention to is the fact Fetterman cannot take off-the-cuff questions from the press.

Fetterman’s stroke left him impaired to the point that he cannot carry on simple conversation without computer monitors and transcription software showing him visually what the other person is saying.

Democrats and Fetterman successfully hid the truth about Fetterman’s physical and cognitive condition from the voters during the election.

The corporate media played a major role in this deception as reporters refused to make the fact that Fetterman would not make his doctors available to answer questions the central issue of the campaign.

Instead, the media harped on the fact that Fetterman’s Republican opponent, Dr. Oz, once called a veggie tray “crudité.”

Members of the press knew the stroke Fetterman suffered was far more serious than his campaign let on.

But if the election turned into a referendum on Fetterman’s fitness for office – Dr. Oz would win.

Reporters now openly root for Democrats so they were not about to devote flood-the-zone coverage to a story that could cost Democrats control of the United States Senate.