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A Top Democrat Got Called Out For Spreading Misinformation By His Own Team

by x82hPEs

Democrats are scurrying to avoid blame for the Ohio train disaster.

But their excuses just aren’t working.

A top Democrat got called out for spreading misinformation by his own team.

There are calls for the resignation of Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg due to his handling of the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to Joe Biden requesting the “immediate resignation of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Buttigieg” for what Rubio describes as a “gross level of incompetence and apathy that is detrimental to the safety and prosperity of the American people.”

Buttigieg is trying to shift blame however possible for the disaster that happened on his watch. He’s turned to the most exhausted trick in the book and trying to blame former President Donald Trump.

“We’re constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation (like the braking rule withdrawn by the Trump administration in 2018 because of a law passed by Congress in 2015), but we are using the powers we do have to keep people safe.”

But his attempts to shift the blame are completely false.

Even a member of the Biden administration called Buttigieg’s claims “misinformation.”

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chair Jennifer Homendy begged the public to “PLEASE STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION” about what caused the train disaster on Twitter.

“For example, some are saying the ECP (electronically controlled pneumatic) brake rule, if implemented, would’ve prevented this derailment. FALSE.”

The NTSB Chair went on to explain:

“The ECP braking rule would’ve applied ONLY to HIGH HAZARD FLAMMABLE TRAINS” and “the train that derailed in East Palestine was a MIXED FREIGHT TRAIN containing only 3 placarded Class 3 flammable liquids cars.”

“This means even if the rule had gone into effect, this train wouldn’t have had ECP brakes,” Homendy declared.

“Nothing is more important than accuracy at a moment like this,” Homendy stated, adding, “anyone speculating about what happened, didn’t happen, or should’ve happened is misleading a suffering community.”

The train “was not considered a high-hazard flammable train” Norfolk Southern told Breitbart News on Thursday.

“Secretary Buttigieg refused to acknowledge the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, until his intentional ignorance was no longer tenable. Even after acknowledging the tragedy, he continues to deflect any accountability for the safety of our nation’s rail system,” Rubio said.

“The incompetence and failure within your administration cannot continue to be ignored when Americans’ health and safety are at risk,” Rubio pointed out.

“I hope you will change course in order to uphold your so-far-unmet promise to the American people by requesting the immediate resignation of Secretary Buttigieg.”

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