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Alvin Bragg admits he worries about family members riding the New York City subway

by x82hPEs

Alvin Bragg is a George Soros-backed prosecutor trying to throw Donald Trump in jail.

Bragg’s come under heavy fire for his case against Trump.

And what Alvin Bragg just admitted is music to Donald Trump’s ears.

Bragg is one of the district attorney candidates George Soros provided financial backing to because Soros knew he could count on Bragg to implement his soft-on-crime, anti-police agenda.

When Bragg first took office crime predictably skyrocketed as the Soros agenda took effect.

But even though new Mayor Eric Adams paid some lip service to being pro-police and crime slightly declined in 2023 Bragg admitted he still feels New York City is unsafe for his family members to travel around.

Bragg specifically cited his worry for the safety of his family members over the perceived danger of riding on the subway.

“I know the statistics that transit crime is down,” Bragg said in an interview with Fox 5 NY, “but when one of my family members gets on the train, I get a knot in my stomach.”

Critics contend had Bragg focused on his actual job instead of trying to score political points he would be able to rest easy when his family members decide to ride the subway.

Bragg critics pointed to two cases.

The first was Bragg’s decision to invent a new legal theory claiming Donald Trump violated federal campaign finance law despite the fact that the Biden administration declined to bring criminal charges against Trump when Michael Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 as part of a non-disclosure settlement in October 2016.

Even liberal legal analysts questioned Bragg bringing such a flimsy case that allowed Trump to point out that all the Democrat prosecutors indicting him did so for political reasons.

The other example of Bragg encouraging lawlessness on the subway was the case of Daniel Penny.

A homeless man named Jordan Neely – who was arrested over 40 previous times including for punching an elderly woman in the face – began threatening the passengers on a subway car that he was ready to kill someone and did not care about going to jail.

Penny protected the lives of fellow riders and restrained the mentally ill Neely.

Neely later died and police released Penny after coming to the conclusion he acted in self-defense.

Bragg arrested Penny – the heroic Marine veteran – after Black Lives Matter and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned up the heat over the fact that Neely was black and Penny is white.

Critics argue New Yorkers would feel safer on the subway if they believed Bragg was acting in the interest of the rule of law instead of picking and choosing his cases based on the political interests of the Democrat Party coalition.