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This Voting Machine’s Irregularities Were Major Enough To Flip An Election

by x82hPEs

Election voting machines don’t always work as well as Democrats claim.

There can be significant problems with the technology that could skew the results.

And one voting machine’s irregularities were enough to flip an entire election.

In Monmouth County, New Jersey, a local school board race seemed to flip after electronic voting machine errors were discovered during an investigation.

The Ocean Township school board race allegedly produced inaccurate results due to a human programming error, causing some votes to be counted twice reported the New Jersey Globe

The initial results between candidates Steve Clayton and Jeffrey Weinstein showed Clayton had won 3,523 to 3,503 – a 20-vote lead.

Now it appears Weinstein won by a single vote.

The error came from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), a company that counts the election ballots in over a third of New Jersey’s counties.

“At Monmouth County’s request, ES&S recently reviewed the county’s election data, which revealed that a technician inadvertently loaded votes twice in error. Typically our software blocks this from happening. Unfortunately, a human error in a July software reinstallment missed the step that would have flagged the mistake. This anomaly is isolated to Monmouth County. The integrity of elections are ultimately protected by a series of checks and balances, and we’re grateful for an audit that revealed this human error,” the company told the Washington Examiner.

ES&S said the tabulation error was an “isolated incident [that] occurred due to a human procedural error. An audit of the system yielded this information.”

However, the New Jersey Globe noted that it wasn’t the fail-safe systems put in place that found the error.

“That’s not necessarily true,” the local paper said regarding ES&S’s official explanation.

“It was not an ES&S audit that found election results from two months ago to be inaccurate, but rather a coincidental review of an unrelated request under the state’s Open Public Records Act that led election officials to discover the error.”

In fact Tracee Johnson, chief clerk at the Board of Elections, submitted her audit report to the Secretary of State just last month and stated, “The tabulation accuracy was 100%.”

Local officials are also concerned by the lack of transparency from Deputy Attorney General Susan Scott who directed them not to make any public statements about the situation, reported New Jersey Globe.

Sussex County Clerk Jeff Parrott said he was “disappointed” that Scott’s office hadn’t notified him.

“Nobody has brought it to my attention. I’m disappointed and dismayed,” Parrott said.

“It’s unacceptable to me.”

Elections in other towns such as Belmar, Fair Haven, and Tinton Falls may have also been affected by the error. Although, likely not by enough to flip any other races.

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