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John Fetterman concealed the truth about his health from voters

by x82hPEs

Democrat Senator John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is once again attracting unwanted attention.

This time it’s for what Fetterman finally admitted.

John Fetterman got caught hiding this terrible truth from the voters.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, John Fetterman admitted that the depression he sought treatment for this year was tied to the fact that his stroke was way more serious than he let on.

Fetterman suffered a stroke last May just days before the Pennsylvania Democrat Senate primary.

After winning the primary, Fetterman spent nearly three months in hiding refusing to allow reporters to question his doctors and disappearing from the campaign trail.

When Fetterman finally returned to stumping for votes everyone could tell something was wrong.

Fetterman could not process his thoughts or translate them into complete and coherent sentences when he spoke.

In an interview with NBC’s Dasha Burns, Fetterman downplayed the aftereffects of the stroke and passed them off as a minor inconvenience he could easily deal with.

But that interview proved to be the first time the corporate media pulled back the curtain on just how badly the stroke impaired Fetterman.

Burns revealed that Fetterman could not carry on basic conversation without computer monitors displaying a transcription of what the other person was saying.

Other members of the corporate media came down on Burns like a ton of bricks believing that if voters knew the truth about how Fetterman could not function normally, Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz would win Pennsylvania’s critical Senate race.

Now that Fetterman does not have to face the voters for five more years Fetterman can come clean.

In the interview with Hayes, Fetterman revealed just how deeply he descended into depression over the fact that the stroke left him deeply debilitated cognitively and physically.

“Every now and then I’ll miss a word. Every now and then,” Fetterman told Burns. “Or sometimes I’ll maybe mush two words together. But as long as I have captioning, I’m able to understand exactly what’s being asked.”

This a far cry from what Fetterman told voters during the campaign.

When Fetterman returned to the trail he promised Pennsylvanians that he would be fine by January.

“He can mock my recovery all he wants, but here’s the truth: In January, I’m going to be a lot better – but Dr. Oz will still be a fraud,” Fetterman said last fall.

This was a lie.

Weeks after taking office Fetterman checked into a hospital for two days after experiencing headaches during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

And shortly after that episode was when Fetterman sought treatment for the depression Fetterman experienced after realizing this stroke would cripple him for the rest of his life.

These were all truths Fetterman and his campaign hid from the voters out of fear it would tank his Senate campaign.