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Former CIA Director admits Hunter Biden laptop was a political game

by x82hPEs

The Republican’s investigation into Joe Biden continues to bear fruit.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest complaints about the last election turned out to be true.

And the CIA made a confession about the 2020 election that will make Donald Trump smile.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan told Fox News that former Obama administration CIA Director John Brennan testified to his committee that the October 2020 letter falsely claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was the product of Russian disinformation was political in nature.

“[Brennan] sat for a four-hour interview and he further confirmed that this thing was all political,” Jordan explained.

Fifty-one former intelligence community officials — including Brennan — signed the letter after a phone call from Biden campaign foreign policy advisor Tony Blinken and former acting CIA Director Michael Morell.

In a previous interview with Fox News Jim Jordan laid out a timeline of how Morell’s letter came to be following the New York Post publishing a bombshell story about emails on the laptop containing evidence of potential criminal behavior.

“When the story came out on Oct. 14, 2020, about the ‘Biden business operation’ and whether then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved, there was some concern that he was — then quickly it turns into this political operation — that letter that became the basis for suppressing the story and keeping it from the American people just days before the most important election we have,” Jordan stated.

“The 14th, the [New York] Post has a story. The 17th, Tony Blinken… contacts Mike Morell and gets him interested in this. Mike Morell looks at it the next day, organizes on the 18th all these other people to sign the letter. The 19th, the letter goes out,” Jordan continued.

Jordan’s revelation about Brennan admitting the political nature of the email confirmed a previous report from the Washington Examiner that Morell emailed one of the letter signers saying it was important to provide Joe Biden with ammo to spin the laptop story when Donald Trump brought it up in the final presidential debate.

“We want to give the VP a talking point to use in response,” Morell wrote.

Morell’s letter went public on October 19, three days before the final debate.

During the debate Joe Biden cited the letter when he lied to the American people that his son’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

This letter provided the corporate press the justification to ignore the massive corruption scandal that now engulfs Joe Biden and his family.

The press seizing on a lie to hide information about Joe Biden’s corruption from the public may have proved decisive in the election.

A Media Research Center poll taken after the election found one in six Biden voters would not have supported him if they knew about these scandals.

Given that the election was decided by around 45,000 across Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin, the press concealing damaging information about Biden — all based on a politically motivated lie — likely swung the election.