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CNN Poll Reveals Crushing Numbers for Joe Biden

by x82hPEs

Even the leftist media can’t save Joe Biden’s reputation at this point.

Voters know what a complete failure he is.

And one CNN poll brings completely crushing news for Joe Biden.

There’s little enthusiasm from American voters for President Joe Biden to win reelection.

A CNN poll found last week that a majority of Americans are not crazy about a potential four more years of Biden.

The poll, which focused on the Democratic primary candidates, found that 66 percent of Americans think Biden winning in 2024 “would either be a setback or a disaster for the country.”

In contrast, a mere 33 percent of respondents think having Biden for a second term “would be a step forward or a triumph for the country.”

The poll also found Biden’s approval rating has fallen even more – from 42 percent at the beginning of the year down to 35 percent in May.

“And results from the same poll released earlier this week showed Biden’s approval rating for handling the presidency at 40%, among the lowest for any first-term president since Dwight Eisenhower at this point in their term,” the poll found.

Of course, a huge reason for Biden’s unpopularity is the horrendous state of the economy.

A Fox News poll found on Thursday that a whopping 83% of voters believe the economy is in negative shape, while only 18% believe it’s in good condition.

In fact, Biden is failing with voters on virtually every issue.

A recent Harvard-Harris survey found Biden’s approval rating from Americans to be “weak” on almost every major issue.

“Biden’s approval on his economy has remained stagnant over the past month, sitting at 39 percent since April. Less than half, 48 percent, approve of Biden ‘stimulating jobs,’ and 46 percent approve of his fight against terrorism. Even less, 43 percent, approve of his handling of foreign affairs, and just 39 percent approve of his handling of crime and violence across the country. Thirty-seven percent approve of his handling of inflation, and 38 percent approve of his handling of immigration,” Breitbart reported.

Biden is also losing support on illegal immigration.

The survey found: “Most identified illegal immigration as an at least somewhat serious issue” and “sixty percent said they believe the number of monthly border crossers has increased under Biden’s presidency, and 68 percent said they would support ‘stricter policies to reduce the flow of people coming across the border.’ Further, most, 53 percent, believe Biden’s border policies are ‘increasing the flow of drugs and crimes’ to the U.S.”

“Convincing the overall public that he deserves a second term could prove a challenge,” CNN concluded in their poll report.

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