A leaker posted classified documents online that caused Joe Biden to go into panic mode.

And now Tucker Carlson dropped a bombshell about the Pentagon leak that revealed this massive Joe Biden crime.

The FBI arrested 21-year-old Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira for posting classified documents on a Discord channel.

Discord is an app popular with online gamers, and Teixeira — who opposed Joe Biden’s war in Ukraine — wanted to educate his fellow gamers about the dirty deeds Joe Biden pulled off in secret.

But the fake news media wanted to make Teixeira the real story by focusing on the libertarian and pro-gun politics Teixeira and his fellow Discord chat members shared.

The administration tracked down Teixeira — with the help of The New York Times and Washington Post — within days.

This stood in stark contrast to the fact that the government shows no interest in identifying the leaker who made public the draft opinion of the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, despite the fact the leak led to an assassination attempt against a Supreme Court Justice.

But since a Joe Biden voter tried to kill a conservative Justice, it appears the administration has no desire to identify this leaker.

Carlson slammed Joe Biden and the liberal media for using illegal surveillance to hunt down Teixeira.

“Those are the questions and not only are the media covering up the substance of the story, which is not who leaked it, but what he leaked, they are covering up the crimes committed to get you this information,” Carlson stated. “The administration apparently used illegal surveillance techniques to identify this kid apparently with the help of The Washington Post and The New York Times.”

Carlson wondered why, if it was a crime to view these documents, reporters at the Washington Post got to pour over them and face no consequences.

“If it’s illegal to see these documents if you don’t have a security clearance, how is the Washington Post doing this legally?” Carlson added. “They don’t have a security clearance. Well, obviously, they were given them by the U.S. Intel agencies and are working alongside them.”

Carlson told viewers the real crime Teixeira committed was making public information that showed Joe Biden is lying to the American people about the war in Ukraine.

“The bigger problem is this is information that is relevant to the public in a so-called democracy. You cannot lie about things that jeopardize our collective future and get away with it and you certainly shouldn’t be doing that with the assistance of the news media,” Carlson declared. “The news media whose job it is to inform you of what your government is doing, but instead they are working actively late into the night to lie to you on behalf of their masters in permanent Washington. By the way, just last week, the plan was to lie in an even more grotesque way and blame Russia for this.”

The leaked documents showed Joe Biden lied to the American people in claiming there would never be American troops on the ground in Ukraine.

In fact, Biden deployed a contingent of special forces to Ukraine.

The documents also showed the risky steps Ukraine took to escalate the war which could trigger World War 3 and nuclear Armageddon.

When Donald Trump was in office, the press celebrated leakers and protected their identities.

But now that Joe Biden is in office, the media acts as the administration’s bloodhounds – hunting them down and exposing their identities so they can be arrested for their crimes.