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Joe Biden’s Reckless Behavior Has Created This Huge Nuclear War Risk

by x82hPEs

The aid our government is giving Ukraine places America in a dangerous position.

There is no strategy on how to end the war.

Joe Biden’s reckless behavior has created this huge nuclear war risk.

Leftist elites are steadily building tensions with Russia that could lead us into World War III.

America has supplied more than $27 billion to Ukraine’s war effort; giving 31 M1 Abrams tanks, over 1,600 Stinger anti-aircraft rocket systems, 8,500 Javelin anti-tank missile systems, and over 1 million 155mm artillery rounds.

Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis told Breitbart News that there is real world danger of invoking NATO’s “mutual defense” clause.

He said that supplying tanks to Ukraine doesn’t translate to guaranteed success against Russian forces.

Davis points out that the years of experience needed in operating NATO tanks and the strategic knowledge needed for maneuvering them during combat cannot be replicated in less than two months’ training.

“From someone who has done combat operations in tank-on-tank fights; in operations patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War and its potential Soviet invasions; and was the second-in-command of an armored cavalry squadron for the First Armored Division in the mid 2000s in Germany; I can tell you that just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success,” he explained.

Davis cautioned that it also takes a “trained individual at each of the positions within a tank” in addition to “a trained crew that knows how to fight well together.”

“And then you have to have a trained platoon, platoons in a company; and a company in the battalion; and if you’re talking about the inner-level operations, battalions within brigades etc,” he said.

“So all of those are necessary and they all take time.”

“You can’t send 500 [Ukrainian] dudes to Germany and conduct six weeks of maneuver training and think you’re going to get the same output, because those guys don’t have the experience,” he said.

“They don’t even have the baseline understanding that we had a whole career and our whole training before we even arrived at that one year preparation.”

Davis said that if the weapons we’re sending to Ukraine had a chance of helping them win the war, he’d “be willing to say it is worthy.”

But sending the tanks is only emboldening Russia to be more aggressive, says Davis.

“Far from wanting to deter Russia or making them hesitate and count the costs – it’s having the exact opposite effect across the board in Russia.”

“If anything, it makes them want to be more aggressive,” he added. “It makes them absolutely think we cannot lose this and double down on their efforts.”

Davis noted that because Russia has the biggest nuclear stockpile on the planet, the “rules are different” in this situation – but “we’re not acting like it.”

“And I fear that one day, Russia’s going to say, ‘OK, you finally did cross a red line this time and we’re going to take action,’” Davis concluded.

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