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This One Document Shows Just How Much Joe Biden Was Getting For Hunter’s Business Deals

by x82hPEs

Joe Biden was receiving an insane amount of cash from his son.

It’s astounding how much Joe Biden was receiving from him.

And one document shows just how much Joe Biden was getting for Hunter’s business deals.

President Joe Biden owns a wonderful lakefront house in Wilmington, Delaware, currently valued at $1.3 million according to Zillow. The website also estimates the monthly rent for the property would be about $7,612 a month.

According to a background screening request signed by Hunter Biden in July 2018, Hunter lived in the home from March 2017 to February 2018.

Hunter lived at the lakefront residence for just under a year, yet paid an unbelievable $49,910 a month in rent – even while Joe and Jill Biden still lived on the property.

Reportedly, Hunter paid his father a total of $598,920 for rent, however, Joe Biden’s 2017 Schedule E tax form listed only $19,800 in “rents received.”

And in 2018, Joe Biden listed no rents received.

This is all the more significant considering the many scandals and shady business dealings Hunter has been, and is, implicated in especially during his father’s time as Vice President.

And then there are the unspecified number of classified documents recovered from Biden’s personal home and Washington office – which were discovered as far back as right before the midterms last November.

However, only in the last few weeks has the public learned that classified documents were in Biden’s possession at all.

In the interest of national security, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) called on the White House over the weekend to release information about everyone who had visited the home in the last six years, as well as the contents of the documents.

“It is troubling that classified documents have been improperly stored at the home of President Biden for at least six years, raising questions about who may have reviewed or had access to classified information,” Comer wrote in a letter to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.“

“Additionally, President Biden’s personal attorneys, who do not possess security clearances, and White House staff continue to access and search the President’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware for classified documents.”

“Given the serious national security implications, the White House must provide the Wilmington residence’s visitor log,” the Congressman added.

But the White House said on Monday that visitor logs weren’t used at the Wilmington residence when Biden was not in office.

“Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal,” the White House Counsel’s office told Fox News.

“But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors’ logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.”

Some of the classified documents discovered in Biden’s possession allegedly contained information regarding Ukraine and Iran, CNN reported.

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