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Video resurfaces of Hillary Clinton denying election results

by x82hPEs

Democrats have a major problem on their hands.

The damning evidence was all caught on tape.

And there is one incriminating video Hillary Clinton is desperate to hide from you.

Joe Biden prosecutor Jack Smith and Democrat Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis both charged Donald Trump with a conspiracy to challenge the 2020 election.

Democrats were so desperate to weaponize the justice system against Trump that Smith and Willis criminalized routine political speech and activism.

Smith and Willis showed there is a two-tiered system of justice as Democrats are allowed to question election results and challenge outcomes, but it only becomes a crime when Donald Trump tries to contest an election.

After Hillary Clinton lost the free and fair 2016 election, her campaign concocted a conspiracy theory that defined American politics for years to come based on the lie that Donald Trump colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the presidency.

For years afterwards Clinton falsely claimed Trump was an illegitimate president and even amplified the big lie that Trump and Putin stole the election from her.

These lies filtered down to Democrat voters as an April 2022 Rasmussen poll found that 72 percent of Democrat voters believe the deranged conspiracy theory that the Russians altered the outcome of the 2016 election.

Smith and Willis indicted Trump in part over the attempt to reject certified Electoral College results on January 6.

Yet in 2016, Connecticut Democrat Congressman Jim Himes openly told Democrats that the January 6 joint session of Congress was the left’s chance to throw out Trump’s win.

Democrats like January 6 committee member Jamie Raskin voted to overthrow the will of the people and reject Trump’s win.

In 2004, January 6 committee Chairman Bennie Thompson voted to overturn George W. Bush’s victory based on the deranged conspiracy theory that the voting machines in Ohio stole that critical state from John Kerry.

In 2000, then-Vice President Al Gore fought all the way to the Supreme Court to overturn the election of George W. Bush.

In virtually all cases Democrats challenged the victories by Republicans in presidential elections based on lies they knew not to be true.

But Democrats were given a free pass because Americans understood that these were political disputes to be settled in the political arena.

It was only when Democrats lost their minds after Trump’s win and weaponized the justice system did routine political activity become criminal.

And that is why so many Americans believe there are two standards of justice in America.