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Democrats agree that Hunter Biden allegations must be investigated

by x82hPEs

Joe Biden weaponizing the justice system to cover up his and Hunter Biden’s corruption is getting too much for even his staunchest allies to bear.

Supporters are starting to abandon Biden in public.

And one key Democrat flipped on Joe Biden with this brutal betrayal.

IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley’s testimony shocked the conscience of Americans.

Shapley described how the Biden Justice Department blocked felony charges against Hunter Biden, prevented investigators from asking questions about Joe Biden’s involvement in a deal with a Communist Chinese-linked company, ignored Hunter Biden writing off encounters with prostitutes as business expenses, and covered up a text message where Hunter Biden implicated Joe Biden in a scheme to shakedown a company affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party for $5 million.

The Justice Department also refused to authorize a search warrant for one of Joe Biden’s guest residences, even though investigators were certain it housed evidence critical to the Hunter Biden investigation.

Shapley also revealed that Justice Department official Lesley Wolff tipped off Hunter Biden’s legal team that investigators were going to search Hunter’s storage unit so they could remove any evidence.

California Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman admitted on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” that Hunter Biden received preferential treatment from the Justice Department and that Shapley’s testimony needed to be investigated.

“I think that Hunter Biden is paying a price for his noncompliance with our tax laws. His name is there in the newspaper, and, of course, he’s subject to a plea bargain. I would say, in general, the consequences for cheating on taxes…those consequences are softer than they should be. I don’t think you change that policy just because someone is the son of the president. But it’s hard to name anyone who’s actually done jail time for cheating on their taxes,” Sherman began.

“We should investigate everything. But it wouldn’t surprise me if this tax matter went more slowly than it would for Tom, Dick, Harry, or Mary. … If you’re just auditing someone in my California district, you can just do your job. This is the son of the president, you might take a deep breath, you might dot some Is and cross some Ts, and it might take you a little longer. And I’m sure that the resources spent on this investigation were greater because they were dealing with something that was so sensitive,” Sherman concluded.

Even NBC’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd – one of the most ferociously partisan liberals in the corporate media – conceded Shapley’s whistleblower testimony was credible.

“For the longest time, all this whistleblower talk, it was not clear whether there was there there. These transcripts, who these people were, the second whistleblower. These look pretty credible.”

Shapley’s testimony about the interference in the Hunter Biden investigation outlines the worst abuse of the justice system by any president in American history.

It also calls into question if Attorney General Merrick Garland lied to Congress when he testified there was no political meddling in the Hunter Biden probe.

The litany of alleged crimes Shapley exposed – obstruction of justice, tax evasion, money laundering, and extortion – left top Democrats and liberal activists in the corporate media unable to defend Joe and Hunter Biden’s conduct.