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Jill Biden Rejects Push for Joe Biden to Take a Competency Test

by x82hPEs

Jill Biden isn’t willing to risk any of the power she’s accumulated.

Even if it threatens her own husband’s health.

Which is why Jill is completely upset by this one urgent medical suggestion for Joe.

It’s clear the First Lady wants her 80-year-old husband to run again for President despite the undeniable signs of complete mental decline.

During a five-day trip to Namibia and Kenya last week, she told CNN: “I’m all for it, of course.”

President Joe Biden even joked last month that he’d have to call his wife “to find out” whether he was running again in 2024.

In fact, when Republican presidential candidate Rep. Nikki Haley threw out the idea that perhaps all politicians over the age of 75 take a mental competency test, Jill scorned the idea.

“Ridiculous,” Jill said in an interview with CNN, adding, “We would never even discuss something like that.”

Jill pointed out Biden’s ability to travel as evidence to his good health.

“How many 30-year-olds could travel to Poland, get on the train? Go nine more hours, go to Ukraine, meet with President (Volodymyr) Zelensky?” she said.

“So, look at the man. Look what he’s doing. Look what he continues to do each and every day.”

81-year-old Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) feels the same way.

Bernie said Rep. Haley’s suggestion that elderly politicians take a competency test was “absurd.”

“We are fighting racism. We’re fighting sexism. We’re fighting homophobia. I think we should also be fighting ageism. Trust people, look at people, and say, ‘You know, this person is competent. This person’s incompetent.’ There are a lot of 40-year-olds out there who ain’t particularly competent,” Sanders said in an interview with CBS last month.

White House physician Kevin O’Connor reported last month that Joe Biden’s most recent physical showed him in sufficient health and capable to perform presidential duties for another four years.

“President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency, to include those as Chief Executive, Head of State and Commander in Chief,” O’Connor said.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) – who served as the White House physician under former President Barack Obama and Donald Trump – argued that the results of a physical evaluation were meaningless without a cognitive test.

“We learned NOTHING from Biden’s physical exam. How bad is his cognitive issue?” Jackson tweeted. “Is he on ANY drugs to treat his mental decline? This exam was a JOKE. COVER UP!!”

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