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Homeless Veterans Are Getting Kicked Out of Hotels To Make Room for Illegal Immigrants

by x82hPEs

The way Democrats are helping illegal immigrants above our military veterans is disgusting.

There’s no excuse for putting veterans out on the streets.

And you won’t believe how Biden’s border crisis is harming homeless veterans.

In New York, homeless veterans are getting kicked out of the hotels they’ve been living in to make room for illegal immigrants.

Sharon Toney-Finch, CEO of the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation, told the New York Post on Friday, “Our veterans have been placed in another hotel due to what’s going on with the immigrants.’’

The veterans have been residing in Orange County, 60 miles outside New York City, where New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been placing illegal immigrants while they await their court dates.

“One of the vets called me on Sunday,’’ she said. “He told me he had to leave because the hotel said the extended stay is not available. Then I got another call.”

“We didn’t waste any time,’’ the advocate added. “That’s when we started on Monday to organize when and where to move them all.”

Toney-Finch says the reason veterans are being moved is because the hotels get paid more by New York City to house illegal immigrants.

“That’s so unfair, because at the end of the day, we are a small nonprofit, and we do pay $88 a day for a veteran to be there,” she said.

The report has caused widespread outrage.

“This is bulls***. 20 veterans lost their housing tonight because of incompetence by [the] New York City government,” tweeted Rep. Pat Ryan (D-NY) on Monday. “I am doing everything I can to ensure these service members have a bed to sleep in tonight. Let me be clear. This will not be tolerated.”

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) blasted Democrat Mayor Eric Adams saying, “It is absolutely outrageous that homeless veterans would be displaced to alleviate New York City’s migrant crisis. That Mayor Eric Adams would choose to endanger the welfare of our veterans speaks volumes to what a debacle this has become,” Lawler said in a statement.

“These veterans served their country, taking an oath to put themselves in harm’s way if need be,” David R. Riley Sr., Commander of American Legion Department of New York, also said in a statement.

“They deserve better. We owe them. Our country, our state, our citizens owe them.”

“New York City has cared for more than 65,000 migrants — sheltering, feeding, and caring for them, and we have done so largely without incident,” said Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for Adams.

“Right now, we’re asking Orange County to manage less than one-quarter of 1% of the asylum seekers who have come to New York City, with New York paying for shelter, food, and services.”

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