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Kamala Harris Claims Pro-Life Policies Are Danger To ‘Our Democracy’

by x82hPEs

Kamala Harris doesn’t have a clue how our government actually works.

Instead, she thinks her leftist agenda should be imposed on everyone.

And Kamala just made a shocking claim about democracy that had jaws on the ground.

Vice President Kamala Harris made a surprise appearance at an abortion rally in Los Angeles on Saturday and claimed that pro-life policies are a threat to “our democracy.”

During her speech, Harris pressed the crowd to “stand up and fight” for this “critical moment” in American history.

“When you attack the rights of women in America, you are attacking America,” Harris said to the few hundred people at the rally. “We have seen attacks on voting rights, attacks on fundamental rights to love and marry the people that you love, attacks on the ability of people to be themselves and be proud of who they are.”

Harris then went after pro-life voices and activists whom she accused of attacking women’s “fundamental rights” and therefore “by extension, attack our democracy.”

The Vice President also criticized the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade last year, stating that the Justices “took [away] a constitutional right that has been recognized from the people of America.”

“I fundamentally believe that you can gauge the strength of a democracy based on the strength of women in that democracy,” Harris told the crowd.

But it’s actually the very reversal of Roe v. Wade that now allows the issue of abortion to be democratically decided.

It’s democratically elected state legislators and governors who can now pass restrictions and bans on abortion in their states.

And it was democracy that allowed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign a bill into law just last week that bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

“We are proud to support life and family in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said in a statement. “I applaud the Legislature for passing the Heartbeat Protection Act that expands pro-life protections and provides additional resources for young mothers and families.”

“In addition to legislating pro-family policies, this year’s Framework for Freedom Budget includes permanent sales tax exemptions for baby and toddler necessities, including cribs and strollers, as well as tax holidays on children’s books, toys, athletic equipment, and pet food,” DeSantis’ office said in a press release via email according to Breitbart.

“It includes more than $96 million to support foster parents, caregivers, and children. It also includes nearly $143 million to enhance services for pregnant and postpartum women and children, which will improve maternal health outcomes for women at high risk for maternal morbidity.”

“While other states like California and New York have legalized infanticide up until birth, Governor DeSantis has enacted historic measures to defend the dignity of human life and transform Florida into a pro-family state,” his office said.

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