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Tucker Carlson Exposed A Horrifying Way Vaccine Companies Gain Power

by x82hPEs

Big Pharma goes to extreme lengths to influence the American government.

They spend vast amounts of money for their awful schemes.

Tucker Carlson recently exposed the horrifying way vaccine companies have gained power.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed just how much Big Pharma’s lobbying efforts have paid off for the industry last Thursday.

“How powerful, exactly, are the big pharmaceutical companies in this country? Well, that’s a big question and there are a lot of ways to measure it, but here are a few ways you can measure it,” Carlson, an honorary member of the Daily Caller News Foundation’s board, said.

Carlson explained that America is one of only two countries in the world that allows drug companies to market directly to consumers.

“In this country, Big Pharma can advertise drugs directly to consumers. That’s a little strange if you think about it, since consumers don’t prescribe drugs, doctors do. So, why are the drugs being advertised directly to consumers?”

“It may not surprise you that in this country, drug companies spend more on lobbying Congress than any other industry. A lot more than any other industry. They don’t do it by accident,” Carlson said.

“They do it because it pays off in a deal like this. A pretty remarkable deal that drug companies have worked out with politicians.”

Carlson in particular blasted the $11.58 million that Pfizer spent on lobbying Congress in 2022.

“The government uses your tax dollars to buy billions’ worth of their products and then in some cases forces you to use those products. Sometimes those products work and sometimes they don’t work. And some cases the products can injure you, but no matter what happens, there is nothing you can do about it, because politicians have given these companies complete immunity. If their products hurt or kill you, you cannot sue them. You are not even really allowed to complain about it. That’s an incredible deal,” Carlson noted.

According to American law, vaccine companies cannot be held liable in most circumstances.

The law from 1988 states, “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine.”

Instead, America has the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, which is supposed to compensate people injured by vaccines.

However, since the program’s inception in 2010, the CICP has denied about 90% of compensation claims according to an investigation by OpenTheBooks.com.

And CICP didn’t pay one cent for any Covid-vaccine claims in 2021.

Siri & Glimstad named-partner Aaron Siri explained to Reuters why receiving compensation from the CICP is virtually useless.

“The CICP is not a court,” he said, noting that it’s a part of the “same federal health department that licensed, recommended, and mandated Covid-19 vaccines, and then sits as investigator and ‘judge’ of any CICP claim. That is a mockery of the term justice.”

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