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Leftist Media Scrambles To Avoid Motivation Of Transgender School Shooter

by x82hPEs

Democrats are trying to cover up the ideological motivations behind a horrifying tragedy.

They’re doing everything possible to conceal the truth.

The leftist media scrambled to hide this one fact about the Nashville Christian school shooter.

Mainstream media has been apologizing for identifying the Nashville Christian school shooter as a female, when apparently the shooter “identified” as a male.

USA Today wrote in a tweet update that “Police on Monday afternoon said that the shooter was a transgender man. Officials had initially misidentified the gender of the shooter.”

An article from USA Today had been originally titled “Who is the female Nashville school shooter who killed six at private Christian school?” but was later edited with the word “female” removed.

The New York Times also issued a statement correcting the shooter’s “gender identity.”

“There was confusion later on Monday about the gender identity of the assailant in the Nashville shooting,” The New York Times tweeted. “Officials had used ‘she’ and ‘her’ to refer to the suspect, who, according to a social media post and a LinkedIn profile, appeared to identify as a man in recent months.”

While the mainstream media is working diligently to use the correct pronoun for the shooter, who is also deceased, they’re unwilling to consider why a Christian school was targeted by a transgender individual.

Authorities have revealed the shooter carried out a “targeted attack” and left behind a “manifesto” which has not been yet released to the public.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) demanded FBI Director Christopher Wray and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas investigate the shooting as a hate crime on Tuesday.

“Police say the shooting was ‘targeted,’” Hawley posted on Twitter. “That makes it a federal hate crime — against Christian children and teachers. Targeting victims on the basis of religious affiliation is a hate crime. It should be investigated as such.”

“Yesterday the nation witnessed the vicious murder of small schoolchildren in Nashville, Tennessee,” Hawley wrote in a letter to senior Biden administration officials. “It is commonplace to call such horrors ‘senseless violence.’ But properly speaking, that is false. Police report that the attack here was ‘targeted’ — targeted, that is, against Christians.”

“I urge you to immediately open an investigation into this shooting as a federal hate crime,” Hawley continued. “The full resources of the federal government must be brought to bear to determine how this crime occurred, and who may have influenced the deranged shooter to carry out these horrific crimes. Hate that leads to violence must be condemned. And hate crimes must be prosecuted.”

The victims of the shooting were Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney (all 9 years old); Katherine Koonce, the school’s 60-year-old principal, along with 61-year-old staffers Cynthia Peak and Mike Hill.

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