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Trump’s Lawyer Testifies Before Grand Jury and Undermines Case to Indict Trump

by x82hPEs

Joe Biden’s administration orchestrated a plan to arrest Donald Trump to keep Trump off the 2024 ballot.

But now Biden got some bad news.

And that’s because Donald Trump’s lawyer dropped a grand jury bombshell that left Joe Biden stunned.

Attorney General Merrick Garland handpicked fanatical anti-Republican prosecutor Jack Smith to oversee the witch hunt into the document dispute between Donald Trump and a highly partisan librarian at the National Archives.

Smith is trying to manufacture criminal charges against Trump for obstruction of justice after the Mar-a-Lago raid.

The case is absurd and paper-thin.

Trump attorney Timothy Parlatore voluntarily testified before Smith’s kangaroo court grand jury to explain how Trump and his lawyers attempted to comply with the requests to return documents whose ownership was in dispute.

“I chose to go in there because I felt that it was a good opportunity as a trial lawyer for me to go in and be able to speak directly to the grand jury to explain to them what we did, to explain to them how we had complied with the subpoena, how there was no obstruction,” Parlatore said in an interview with CNN.

Parlatore also explained that Smith and his fellow Democrat prosecutors were abusing their power by trying to pierce the attorney-client privilege Parlatore shared with Trump.

“I voluntarily and happily chose to go into the grand jury so that I could present my client’s case to them in the context of our search efforts. During my testimony, it was clear that the government was not acting appropriately and made several improper attempts to pierce privilege and, in my opinion, made several significant misstatements to the jury which I believe constitutes prosecutorial misconduct,” Parlatore stated.

“They repeatedly tried to ask me about my conversations with President Trump, which is totally outside the scope of what I was there for,” Parlatore added.

Smith is racing to indict Trump as polls show Trump gaining momentum in both the Republican primary and the general election.

But political insiders contend Smith plans to indict Trump in a coordinated attack with the Democrat prosecutors in Atlanta and New York.

Individually, each of the charges is bogus and weak.

What the Democrats hope is that a combination of three indictments — even if they are handed down by partisan prosecutors — will be too much for even the staunchest Trump supporters to defend.

It’s also highly unlikely that Trump would actually ever see the inside of a jail cell.

When all is said and done the Democrats will likely offer Trump a plea deal to drop out of the 2024 race in exchange for no prison sentence.

But Trump’s lawyer threw a monkey wrench in those plans with his exculpatory testimony before Smith’s grand jury.