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Everyone assumed Kevin McCarthy would become Speaker when the GOP took control of the House.

But this assumption may prove to be false.

Here’s why McCarthy’s bid as Speaker is now in doubt.

As soon as news broke that the GOP had won back control of the House, the race for House leadership began.

And no one seemed more likely to become Speaker than California Republican and current House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy.

But a funny thing happened on the way to get the Speaker’s gavel.

In the GOP caucus vote to nominate McCarthy, a surprising 31 Republicans voted against him.

And according to Congressman Bob Good (R-VA 5), at least 12 GOP members are still holding out from supporting McCarthy.

During a November 16th segment of the Virginia-based The John Fredricks Show, talk show host Fredricks asked Good if they had at least 10 votes against McCarthy.

“I believe we have at least a dozen or so…that will do what needs to be done on the House floor to ensure that we get an improvement in the Speaker situation.”

This statement caused great consternation among the GOP RINOs and even the Democrats weighed in.

A staff member of Congressman Don Beyer’s (D-VA 8) tweeted out Good’s statement.

If Good’s assessment is correct, the number of Republicans pledging to oppose McCarthy as Speaker is growing.

Just two weeks ago, The Daily Caller reported there were “at least 7 members” in the GOP publicly questioning McCarthy’s abilities to lead.

Among those Republicans opposing McCarthy are Good, Matt Gaetz (R-FL 1), and Chip Roy (R-TX 21).

Good said in a Fox News interview earlier that McCarthy had the “exclusive opportunity to earn 218 votes for Speaker” which he “doesn’t have.”

Since McCarthy will need 218 votes, the current math does not work in his favor.

As it stands now, with a couple races still undecided, McCarthy will need pick up at least half, or more, of the holdouts.

But for now, the group of conservative Republicans show no sign of backing down.

And if Bob Good is any indication of the 12 opponents, they aren’t likely to cave without some serious deal-making from McCarthy and other GOP House leaders.

So far there is no indication those deals have been forthcoming.

Deep State Watch will keep you up to date on this evolving story.

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The Biden DOJ has become a weaponized political enforcement arm.

They have targeted not just Donald Trump, but millions of law-abiding conservative Americans.

And this FBI whistleblower paid the price for calling out an ‘unusual’ DOJ investigation.

The liberal corporate media and Big Tech have been pushing the false narrative that the events of January 6 were a massive violent insurrection.

Yes, some individuals took things too far and should be charged with trespassing and/or destruction of government property.

But any thorough investigation would show there was no massive conspiracy to take control of the government.

Meanwhile the Democrats, the media, and Big Tech ignore the real insurrection – the radical left and their continued acts of violence around the nation like the pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge which has claimed credit for dozens of violent attacks on pro-life facilities.

Meanwhile, the DOJ is more focused on 87-year-old Holocaust survivors who dared to pray in front of an abortion mill.

They also continue to “investigate” the events around January 6.

Fortunately, one brave whistleblower has exposed the FBI for its bizarre investigation into the events of January 6.

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend recently joined “The Glenn Beck Program” and detailed the series of events that led him to leave the FBI and speak out about the abuses within the DOJ.

He also described the price he paid for coming forward.

Friend, 37, had been a 12-year veteran of the FBI but was declared AWOL after refusing to participate in the “J6” investigations.

Friend explained that the investigations were in direct violation of civil liberties and that he felt he had a duty to uphold the Constitution, even if the FBI and DOJ would not.

“The investigations were inconsistent with FBI procedure and resulted in the violation of citizens’ Sixth and Eighth Amendment rights,” Friend stated in the complaint he filed with the Department of Justice Inspector General.

For this formal complaint, Friend was suspended and stripped of his gun and badge.

America needs more brave heroes like Steve Friend and Congress needs to rein in the out of control DOJ.

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While Republicans cheered when Nancy Pelosi announced she was finally stepping down, radical leftists weren’t sweating it at all.

In fact, they were very busy gearing up to install one of their own into leadership.

And Nancy Pelosi’s replacement might be much worse for one shocking reason.

As soon as it was clear Republicans had taken control of the House, Nancy Pelosi announced that her reign would be coming to an end.

Under her leadership, the House became the most corrupt and partisan it’s ever been.

Pelosi wielded her power with an iron fist – she shut down debate, changed House rules to pass unconstitutional legislation, and punished her opponents at every turn.

For these reasons, Republicans and conservatives cheered when she announced she’d be stepping aside.

However, the old saying “be careful what you wish for” should be taken into account here.

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) appears to be the front-runner to replace Pelosi as House Democrat leader.

As a lawyer from central Brooklyn, Congressman Jeffries is a self-described leftist Democrat.

Jeffries first took office in 2013 – and although a far-left radical – he’s worked his way to the top serving as the Chairman of the House Democrat Caucus since 2019.

What makes his ascension so shocking is that Jeffries has been a vocal election denier.

In 2018, Jeffries Tweeted out: “The more we learn about 2016 election the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes. America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE President in the Oval Office #RussianInterference.”

In 2020, Jeffries tweeted that former President Donald Trump “will never” be accepted “as a legitimate President.”

“Keep pouting. History will never accept you as a legitimate President,” he tweeted at President Trump.

He also tweeted in 2020: “let’s be clear donald. The only person trying to steal the election is YOU. (and your buddies in the Kremlin).”

He was obviously referring to the now thoroughly debunked myth that Trump won the White House due to Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The irony here is that Democrats and the D.C. establishment continue to label conservative and Republican politicians as the big bad election deniers – but the same isn’t applied to Jeffries – or anyone on the left.

Jeffries and his ilk are in it to win no matter what it takes and even if it means being election deniers.

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The corporate liberal media likes to fearmonger about “right wing” violence.

But it’s the radical left that’s ramping up their violent actions across the nation.

And even Biden’s own FBI director just admitted this about attacks on pro-life centers.

It seems everywhere you turn you hear news about “right wing” violence in America.

The media feeds it to us daily.

And while the FBI has been busy raiding Donald Trump and hunting down little old ladies for praying, they’ve ignored the very real threat that does exist.

The threat of radical left-wing violence.

But FBI Director Chris Wray shocked nearly everyone when he recently admitted to some very troubling statistics.

At a recent hearing, Wray said that according to even the FBI’s own numbers, approximately 70% of all abortion-related threats or violence that’s occurred since the Dobbs decision has been against pro-life groups or organizations.

“Now, we have quite a number of investigations — as we speak — into attacks or threats against pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations and other pro-life organizations,” Wray said.

“And you might be interested to know that since the Dobbs Act decision, probably in the neighborhood of 70% of our abortion-related violence cases or threats cases are cases of violence or threats against […] pro-life organizations. And we’re going after that through our joint terrorism task forces, through our criminal authorities, FACE Act and things like that.”

Wray added, “We have about 20 field offices involved in this. And so we take it very seriously. And again, I don’t care you’re

motivated by pro-life views or pro-choice views. You don’t get to use violence to express it.”

But Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), said that while he supported Wray’s strong tone in explaining the violence against pro-life centers, he was also confused as to why the FBI has not been more vocal and active in prosecuting the pro-abortion activists and groups that have attacked pro-lifers.

Because more than 100 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), pro-life organizations, and churches have been attacked, some more than once.

So far, pro-abortion group “Jane’s Revenge” has claimed responsibility for at least 18 arson and vandalism attacks on churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and other faith-based organizations since May.

In June, the FBI told Fox News Digital it had launched an investigation into the targeted vandalism.

Then in September, the FBI said it was still investigating the “series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations, and reproductive health clinics across the country, as well as to judicial buildings, including the US Supreme Court.”

And yet the FBI still has not mentioned Jane’s Revenge specifically.

It’s time for the FBI and local and state police forces to do their job and start protecting Americans from the radical leftists.

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Americans have long feared the IRS and BATF.

And many live in fear of the FBI too.

But now a leading GOP congressman says Joe Biden has weaponized the entire federal government.

While the Founders Fathers had created a system where the federal government’s powers are strictly limited by our Constitution, too many politicians from both parties have given the federal government more power and taken away more individual and states’ rights.

No wonder Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.”

Fortunately more and more people, including elected officials, are willing to stand up to the tyrannical federal government.

In fact, Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX), just called out the federal government and the Biden administration for the treachery of executive branch “tyranny.”

Congressman Roy called for shining a light on Joe Biden and his comrades and how they’ve “weaponized the federal government against the American people.”

“I think it’s important to know the extent to which this administration … has weaponized the federal government against the American people,” Roy said. “It ain’t enough to have some hearings and call some people in and yell at them.”

Roy said, “The Department of Justice was very clearly collaborating with the National School Board Association with the White House to politicize … a father, a citizen, for walking into a school board meeting in Leesburg, Virginia, to challenge that school board for what happened to his daughter.”

The Texas congressman was referencing the Loudoun County, Virginia, school board rape coverup and the federal targeting of the victim’s father, Scott Smith.

“He was being made the poster child for the Department of Justice — the Federal Department of Justice in Washington, DC — to be labeled a domestic terrorist.”

Roy then concluded with the words that brought cheers from across the nation.

“I could go through 10 examples, that one is enough for me to want to burn the place down. I’m not talking about nibbling around the edges, burn the place down.”

Congressman Roy is right, it’s time to hit the reset button on the current alphabet agencies – or just burn it all down.

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The Biden administration is stepping up its efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

Now Joe Biden is vowing to ban so-called “assault weapons” even though nobody can actually define what they are.

And now a shocking new study on gun laws has Joe Biden and gun grabbers denying science.

Despite the fact that every study shows gun laws do nothing to stop criminals, anytime a deranged criminal uses a gun to kill people, the Democrats and RINOs call for more gun control.

The simple fact is criminals will always find a way to get guns whether there’s a law or not – because criminals break the law!

If there’s one slogan the left loves to use it’s ‘Believe the Science.’

Well except when it comes to abortion and transgenderism.

And actually when it comes to climate change as well.

Oh and now when it comes to guns.

A new study published by the Journal of Surgical Research shows the results of the connections between legal gun sales and crime in all 50 states.

Published under the title, ‘Legal Firearm Sales at State Level and Rates of Violent Crime, Property Crime, and Homicides,’ the study stated:

“Nationally, all crime rates except the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention–designated firearm homicides decreased as firearm sales increased over the study period. Using a naive national model, increases in firearm sales were associated with significant decreases in multiple crime categories. However, a more robust analysis using generalized estimating equation estimates on state-level data demonstrated increases in firearms sales were not associated with changes in any crime variables examined.”

That’s right, this extensive study proved (again) that increased sales in firearms have nothing to do with increased gun crimes.

In fact, violent crimes drop in localities with pro-gun laws in place.

In contrast, violent crime increases in places with more gun laws in place.

One only need to look at cities and states with strict gun laws to see the obvious.

Places like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Colorado all have strict gun laws yet have seen a huge spike in violent crimes.

Meanwhile in those cities and states with pro-Second Amendment laws, violent crime has stayed roughly the same or decreased.

Of course, criminals prey on the weak, the unsuspecting, and the unarmed.

At the very least, this newest study may finally force some of those weak-kneed Republicans to face the reality of voting for more gun laws.

But we aren’t holding our breath either.

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The global elites just finished a major economic meeting in Bali, Indonesia.

But they discussed much more than economics.

In fact, the world’s economic leaders agreed to a global passport system that will deny travel to millions.

Most G20 meetings of the world’s top economic powers only meet to discuss how to globalize every nation’s economy.

And they discuss things like having one global currency, increasing international banking powers, and attacking capitalism.

While those things are bad enough, this year the leaders of the world’s largest economies drafted and signed a declaration that all 20 countries agreed to.

And that agreement puts in place a global vaccine passport system with the stated goal of promoting global travel and tourism.

In fact, the global passport system will mean millions upon millions will no longer be able to travel internationally.

Tourism ministers from several countries backed the use of vaccine passports last year in effort to boost international travel after the COVID pandemic crushed worldwide tourism and travel.

But now that the G20 leaders have signed onto the global vaccine passport program, critics of the plan are worried that this government overreach destroys the rights of individuals.

The Bali Declaration, adopted unanimously by the G20 nations, includes section 23 on “facilitating seamless international travel.”

The agreement calls for globally shared standards and verification methods on diseases, including vaccine passports.

And in a separate document, the G20 vows to, “Endeavour to move towards interoperability of systems including mechanisms that validate proof of vaccination, whilst respecting the sovereignty of national health policies, and relevant national regulations such as personal data protection and data-sharing.”

What this means is, under the proposal, only those people who have been vaccinated or tested according to WHO standards would be able to travel internationally.

The digital health passports would have a scannable code that works the same as an airline boarding pass.

Only once scanned, the person’s movement and interaction with other people would be tracked.

The program will even issue a warning to authorities if the person leaves a quarantine zone.

Not surprisingly, the American media has been silent on this new program.

But around the world media is sounding the alarm.

Anchors of the British news outlet GB News posted a video on Twitter pointing out the power the WHO will now have over people’s lives.

One news anchor even asks the important question, “Where will it end?”

Here in the United States, this is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and HIPAA, because everyone’s medical records would become part of a worldwide health database.

Liberty Counsel founder and chairman Mat Staver issued a news release in response saying:

“Digital health or vaccine passports along with tracking and tracing apps present a serious threat to freedom. Vaccine passports and tracking apps are about collecting data and control.”

“The vaccine passport is being promoted worldwide to limit a person’s ability to leave home, work, shop, dine, travel, attend a public event, or even worship. COVID is being used to advance

this dangerous threat to freedom. We must never accept vaccine passports or tracking apps as the new normal. The implications for freedom are significant,” Staver continued.

Our freedom is under assault, not just here in the United States, but around the world.

The great reset is real, and its time we rose up to fight back against the destruction of our nation.

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The anti-Trump Lincoln Project is under the microscope again.

Another founder has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Now this Lincoln Project co-founder is in hot water over a restraining order filed against him.

The charlatans and grifters who formed the Lincoln Project as a way to get rich opposing Donald Trump are in total disarray.

First, co-founder Johnny Weaver was found to be a child predator who used his position to seduce and lure young boys into his grasp.

Then it became evident some of his partners at the Lincoln Project knew about his activities for years.

And there was the alleged misuse of donor money to line their own pockets instead of doing anything useful.

Now it turns out another co-founder, Steve Schmidt, has problems.

In fact, his own ex-wife requested a restraining order against him.

Court records show the request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) came several years after their divorce.

Schmidt’s ex-wife, Angela Schmidt, requested the TRO on August 26, 2018, in a Summit, Utah, state court.

However, several news outlets have now reported that the political operative has attacked female reporters and campaign staffers.

Schmidt even received a reprimand from the Coalition for Women in Journalism in March after he published messages between himself and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Haberman accused Schmidt of “menacing” and “harassing” her “on Twitter and on text.”

A statement regarding Schmidt’s actions said, “The Coalition For Women In Journalism condemns the incident and demands that Steve Schmidt offers an apology, not just for his unprofessional opinion but also for his latest attempt to bully Maggie Haberman on social media. CFWIJ has routinely reported on how quickly social media and digital space can be weaponized against women journalists, and Schmidt’s decision to release private correspondence in order to expose some ‘rot’ appears to be an attempt to do just that.”

But that’s not all.

Schmidt’s former organization, The Lincoln Project, was also a den of harassment and misconduct against women, according to a report from “The 19th.”

The Lincoln Project fell apart amid infighting and allegations that cofounder John Weaver sexually harassed young men.

Employees of the Lincoln Project frequently referred to women as “girls,” and their enemies as “pussies,” “cocksuckers,” or “faggots,” the report said.

But these allegations haven’t changed Schmidt’s actions.

Employed by Democrat Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s failed Senate campaign, Schmidt repeatedly accused Republican opponent JD Vance of supporting domestic abuse.

It is nothing new to people who worked with Schmidt in the past. He has a history of turning on his clients and berating the women involved in campaigns and government.

All this even as he has a TRO filed against him by a woman he once claimed to love.

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The threats to our nation are growing by the day.

Joe Biden has proven his administration can’t be trusted to oppose our enemies with any force.

And now we know Biden’s own CIA head used to run a think-tank that employed ChiComm spies.

Weakness and confusion are no attributes to maintain a strong foreign policy.

Yet that’s what we get from the Biden administration.

After looking at some of his actions and appointments to top intelligence posts, some experts believe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy is being done on purpose – to help usher in the Great Reset.

According to the Daily Caller, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has employed several experts who worked for front groups controlled by Communist Chinese spy agencies.

And Carnegie Endowment for International Peace used to be headed by none other than Biden’s current CIA director William Burns.

The majority of these ChiComm experts were hired while Burns served as president of Carnegie and they had previously worked in various Communist China-based nonprofits which were either founded originally, or eventually co-opted, by Communist Chinese intelligence agencies, including the Ministry of State Security (MSS) and the intelligence arm of the People’s Liberation Army.

They worked at both Carnegie’s headquarters in D.C. and its center at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Even more shocking and concerning is Carnegie still employs many of these individuals.

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) was able to identify these employees by cross-referencing information included in a new book on the CCP’s intel operations written by Alex Joske.

Joske is a former analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and has been studying the growing Communist Chinese global spy and influence network.

His book, Spies and Lies, details Communist Chinese intelligence agents’ efforts to infiltrate and influence Western institutions and governments.

The book also reveals that one ChiComm front-group began courting Carnegie back in the early 2000s – a relationship the DCNF investigation shows has continued to this day and that Carnegie officials are very aware of.

Joske’s book lays out in great detail how Communist China’s MSS intelligence agency lured influential Western institutions closely connected with government agencies into partnerships with various Communist Chinese nonprofits.

According to Joske, they used the same tactics they deployed against George Soros’ China Fund in the late 1980s.

As Joske told the DCNF, “[The MSS] went after people’s best intentions towards China. There were plenty of people who believed in this vision of a more democratic and more open China and thought it was something that could be realized, even under the Chinese Communist Party.”

Burns was asked about his ties to the Communist Chinese at Carnegie by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“This is a relationship that I inherited when I became president of Carnegie and that I ended not long after I became president,” Burns told Rubio.

Now we know he was lying.

The DCNF found that Carnegie had employed at least 20 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members during Burns’ time at the helm.

The DCNF investigation also found that the think-tank allowed former Communist Chinese government personnel, including one CCP member, to work on Department of Defense grants dealing with nuclear warfare.

All of this during Burns’ presidency.

It’s time for William Burns to be removed as CIA Director and for an investigation into the Biden administration’s foreign policy operations to be made, including Hunter Biden’s ties to the CCP.

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Most people thought the truth about Jeffrey Epstein died when he “suicided himself.”

But more and more disturbing information continues coming out.

Here’s the shocking truth about Jeffrey Epstein’s network of power and influence.

There’s likely not been a more disgusting story in recent years than that of Jeffrey Epstein and his twisted sexual criminal enterprise.

As the former girlfriend and depraved business partner of Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell’s recent guilty verdict has brought the evil doings of Epstein and his clients back to the forefront of the news.

But even Maxwell is refusing to confirm the names of the people most already believe had been involved.

Big-name heavyweights like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and others.

But now one journalist has written a two-volume book about Jeffrey Epstein’s powerful network.

As reported by The Blaze, “Journalist Whitney Webb has a gift for locating power and hunting it in its darkest corners. In her new two-volume book, ‘One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,’ she exposes the dark truth about Epstein’s extensive criminal operations and the connections to entire networks of power and influence — a web of elites that infiltrates the highest ranks of every sector, including law enforcement, art, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, big business, real estate, philanthropy, media, academia, banking and more.”

Webb recently joined “The Glenn Beck Podcast” to expose just how deep Epstein’s extensive network of corruption and power really went.

According to The Blaze, among the many topics covered in her book are answers to questions like, “Was Epstein a government informant? How big is the scandal’s body count?”

And of course, “Did Epstein actually kill himself?”

In fact, Webb’s interview was so compelling, Glenn Beck called it “… the most important hour I have ever been a part of in broadcast [and] I’ve done this for 45 years.”

While most Americans may think they know all they need to know about Jeffey Epstein, Webb says we haven’t even come close to understanding the full extent of his network.

But this makes sense considering Epstein was allowed to operate freely among the world’s most powerful people in the disgusting sexual slave trade of vulnerable young girls.

And yet, the client list, the men – and probably even women – who purchased Epstein and Maxwell’s services, remain largely unknown.

No wonder law enforcement officials and politicians from both parties haven’t made an issue about releasing the client list.

The ongoing cover-up only fuels speculation as to what other world leaders and elite billionaires had flown on Epstein’s Lolita Express – or “played” on Epstein’s Pleasure Island.

In the meantime, many also wonder how long it will be until Ghislaine Maxwell “suicides” herself.

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