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Biden’s FBI Is Facing A Lawsuit for Suspending Conservative Analyst 

by x82hPEs

The Deep State is fully ingrained at the FBI. 

The once proud law enforcement agency has become nothing more than stormtroopers for the radical left and Democrats. 

That’s why Biden’s FBI is now facing a lawsuit after suspending a conservative analyst. 

If anyone needed proof that the FBI is corrupt, the “Twitter Files” prove it now. 

While the FBI and DOJ go after conservatives and pro-lifers for praying on sidewalks, they ignore the terrorist actions of radical groups like Jane’s Revenge, Antifa, and BLM. 

We’ve learned the FBI was also suspiciously involved in the events on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol and it may have been FBI informants and plants who started the chaos of that day. 

So the FBI started putting employees on leave and now they’re being sued for it. 

Judicial Watch is suing the FBI for putting an employee on leave for allegedly supporting the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. 

The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Marcus Allen, an FBI staff operations specialist, in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina. 

Allen says he was wrongly placed on administrative leave after an internal FBI investigation. 

He first learned his security clearance had been suspended for “espous[ing] conspiratorial views and promot[ing] unreliable information” about the events at the Capitol in a letter dated January 10, 2022. 

“The Security Division has learned you have espoused conspiratorial views both orally and in writing and promoted unreliable information which indicates support for the events of January 6th. These allegations raise sufficient concerns about your allegiance to the United States and your judgment to warrant a suspension of your clearance pending further investigation.” 

In a February 17 letter, he was notified he’d been placed on administrative leave without pay.  

Despite the FBI’s claims against him, Allen states he does not and never has supported the events that occurred at the Capitol on January 6.  

Not surprisingly, Allen also says the Bureau never provided any evidence for their charges against him. 

Allen says he complied with an FBI interview request back in May but hasn’t heard from the Bureau since. 

Allen is a Marine veteran and was named the FBI Charlotte Field Office Employee of the Year in 2019.  

Judicial Watch and Allen are suing for violations of Allen’s First and Fifth Amendment rights, saying the FBI attempted to regulate his free speech by punishing him for his views and for being vague and unresponsive about why he was put on leave and had his livelihood taken away. 

The FBI has already been facing mounting criticism for how they handled the events on Jan 6th, including retaliating against the whistleblowers who have come out to claim the Bureau inflated domestic terrorism statistics in the aftermath of the riot.