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Elon Musk Just Found a Rat Inside Twitter and You Won’t Believe Who It Is

by x82hPEs

Twitter’s new boss is making some big changes.

And he’s serious about cleaning house.

That’s how Elon Musk discovered the rat working at Twitter and you won’t believe who it is.

For decades the FBI was tasked with tracking down real criminals, bank robbers, kidnappers, Mafia dons, and corrupt politicians.

But ever since the Obama regime, the FBI has turned into nothing more than a jack-booted police force for the left.

While the terrorists in Antifa, BLM, and Jane’s Revenge inflict untold damage on the nation, the FBI focuses its efforts on arresting 87-year-old Holocaust survivors for the “horrid” crime of praying in public.

And now we know that in the weeks leading up to the 2020 elections, FBI officials were meeting with social media giants Twitter and Meta on a weekly basis in a very organized effort to censor and cover up the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Many experts are saying this could have swung the election to Joe Biden.

While many of the key players in the effort have since left the Bureau, they’re still actively trying to cover their tracks.

Which is how Elon Musk discovered a former FBI rat still at Twitter.

According to independent journalist Matt Taibbi, whom Musk chose to receive the first batch of Twitter documents about the Hunter Biden coverup, former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker was terminated from his position as Twitter Deputy General Counsel.

Taibbi reported Baker had been fired for, “Vetting the first batch of “Twitter Files” – without knowledge of new management.”

As Taibbi tweeted out, “On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay. We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired.”

And it’s no wonder Baker attempted to sabotage the document dump.

The documents clearly showed Baker actively supported Twitter’s decision to censor the New York Post’s article about Hunter Biden.

Baker even emailed colleagues to warn them that “caution is warranted.”

Some of our readers may recall that this isn’t the first time Jim Baker has been in hot water.

Most notably, Baker’s fingerprints were all over the phony Steele Dossier that was created to take down Donald Trump – and was proven to be a fraudulent effort by many in the FBI to coordinate with the Clinton presidential campaign.

Baker was forced to resign in shame from the FBI in 2018 after an investigation into his leaks to the press.

But as is typical for many Deep State operatives, Baker received a soft landing by securing a job at Twitter – where he could continue the effort to depose Donald Trump.

Musk said of Baker’s termination, “In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today.”

When asked if Baker had given any kind of explanation for his shady behavior, Musk simply said, “Yes. His explanation was …unconvincing.”

Now that Baker is gone, we will soon find out what else the federal government was doing to collude with election interference.