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Kevin McCarthy’s Bid as Speaker Now In Doubt and Here’s Why

by x82hPEs

Everyone assumed Kevin McCarthy would become Speaker when the GOP took control of the House.

But this assumption may prove to be false.

Here’s why McCarthy’s bid as Speaker is now in doubt.

As soon as news broke that the GOP had won back control of the House, the race for House leadership began.

And no one seemed more likely to become Speaker than California Republican and current House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy.

But a funny thing happened on the way to get the Speaker’s gavel.

In the GOP caucus vote to nominate McCarthy, a surprising 31 Republicans voted against him.

And according to Congressman Bob Good (R-VA 5), at least 12 GOP members are still holding out from supporting McCarthy.

During a November 16th segment of the Virginia-based The John Fredricks Show, talk show host Fredricks asked Good if they had at least 10 votes against McCarthy.

“I believe we have at least a dozen or so…that will do what needs to be done on the House floor to ensure that we get an improvement in the Speaker situation.”

This statement caused great consternation among the GOP RINOs and even the Democrats weighed in.

A staff member of Congressman Don Beyer’s (D-VA 8) tweeted out Good’s statement.

If Good’s assessment is correct, the number of Republicans pledging to oppose McCarthy as Speaker is growing.

Just two weeks ago, The Daily Caller reported there were “at least 7 members” in the GOP publicly questioning McCarthy’s abilities to lead.

Among those Republicans opposing McCarthy are Good, Matt Gaetz (R-FL 1), and Chip Roy (R-TX 21).

Good said in a Fox News interview earlier that McCarthy had the “exclusive opportunity to earn 218 votes for Speaker” which he “doesn’t have.”

Since McCarthy will need 218 votes, the current math does not work in his favor.

As it stands now, with a couple races still undecided, McCarthy will need pick up at least half, or more, of the holdouts.

But for now, the group of conservative Republicans show no sign of backing down.

And if Bob Good is any indication of the 12 opponents, they aren’t likely to cave without some serious deal-making from McCarthy and other GOP House leaders.

So far there is no indication those deals have been forthcoming.

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