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Joe Biden’s FBI Director Just Admitted This About Pro-Life Centers

by x82hPEs

The corporate liberal media likes to fearmonger about “right wing” violence.

But it’s the radical left that’s ramping up their violent actions across the nation.

And even Biden’s own FBI director just admitted this about attacks on pro-life centers.

It seems everywhere you turn you hear news about “right wing” violence in America.

The media feeds it to us daily.

And while the FBI has been busy raiding Donald Trump and hunting down little old ladies for praying, they’ve ignored the very real threat that does exist.

The threat of radical left-wing violence.

But FBI Director Chris Wray shocked nearly everyone when he recently admitted to some very troubling statistics.

At a recent hearing, Wray said that according to even the FBI’s own numbers, approximately 70% of all abortion-related threats or violence that’s occurred since the Dobbs decision has been against pro-life groups or organizations.

“Now, we have quite a number of investigations — as we speak — into attacks or threats against pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations and other pro-life organizations,” Wray said.

“And you might be interested to know that since the Dobbs Act decision, probably in the neighborhood of 70% of our abortion-related violence cases or threats cases are cases of violence or threats against […] pro-life organizations. And we’re going after that through our joint terrorism task forces, through our criminal authorities, FACE Act and things like that.”

Wray added, “We have about 20 field offices involved in this. And so we take it very seriously. And again, I don’t care you’re

motivated by pro-life views or pro-choice views. You don’t get to use violence to express it.”

But Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), said that while he supported Wray’s strong tone in explaining the violence against pro-life centers, he was also confused as to why the FBI has not been more vocal and active in prosecuting the pro-abortion activists and groups that have attacked pro-lifers.

Because more than 100 crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), pro-life organizations, and churches have been attacked, some more than once.

So far, pro-abortion group “Jane’s Revenge” has claimed responsibility for at least 18 arson and vandalism attacks on churches, crisis pregnancy centers, and other faith-based organizations since May.

In June, the FBI told Fox News Digital it had launched an investigation into the targeted vandalism.

Then in September, the FBI said it was still investigating the “series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations, and reproductive health clinics across the country, as well as to judicial buildings, including the US Supreme Court.”

And yet the FBI still has not mentioned Jane’s Revenge specifically.

It’s time for the FBI and local and state police forces to do their job and start protecting Americans from the radical leftists.