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This Lincoln Project Co-Founder is in Hot Water Over Restraining Order Against Him

by x82hPEs

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project is under the microscope again.

Another founder has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Now this Lincoln Project co-founder is in hot water over a restraining order filed against him.

The charlatans and grifters who formed the Lincoln Project as a way to get rich opposing Donald Trump are in total disarray.

First, co-founder Johnny Weaver was found to be a child predator who used his position to seduce and lure young boys into his grasp.

Then it became evident some of his partners at the Lincoln Project knew about his activities for years.

And there was the alleged misuse of donor money to line their own pockets instead of doing anything useful.

Now it turns out another co-founder, Steve Schmidt, has problems.

In fact, his own ex-wife requested a restraining order against him.

Court records show the request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) came several years after their divorce.

Schmidt’s ex-wife, Angela Schmidt, requested the TRO on August 26, 2018, in a Summit, Utah, state court.

However, several news outlets have now reported that the political operative has attacked female reporters and campaign staffers.

Schmidt even received a reprimand from the Coalition for Women in Journalism in March after he published messages between himself and New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Haberman accused Schmidt of “menacing” and “harassing” her “on Twitter and on text.”

A statement regarding Schmidt’s actions said, “The Coalition For Women In Journalism condemns the incident and demands that Steve Schmidt offers an apology, not just for his unprofessional opinion but also for his latest attempt to bully Maggie Haberman on social media. CFWIJ has routinely reported on how quickly social media and digital space can be weaponized against women journalists, and Schmidt’s decision to release private correspondence in order to expose some ‘rot’ appears to be an attempt to do just that.”

But that’s not all.

Schmidt’s former organization, The Lincoln Project, was also a den of harassment and misconduct against women, according to a report from “The 19th.”

The Lincoln Project fell apart amid infighting and allegations that cofounder John Weaver sexually harassed young men.

Employees of the Lincoln Project frequently referred to women as “girls,” and their enemies as “pussies,” “cocksuckers,” or “faggots,” the report said.

But these allegations haven’t changed Schmidt’s actions.

Employed by Democrat Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan’s failed Senate campaign, Schmidt repeatedly accused Republican opponent JD Vance of supporting domestic abuse.

It is nothing new to people who worked with Schmidt in the past. He has a history of turning on his clients and berating the women involved in campaigns and government.

All this even as he has a TRO filed against him by a woman he once claimed to love.