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Biden’s CIA Head Ran This Think-Tank That Hired Experts Controlled by ChiComms

by x82hPEs

The threats to our nation are growing by the day.

Joe Biden has proven his administration can’t be trusted to oppose our enemies with any force.

And now we know Biden’s own CIA head used to run a think-tank that employed ChiComm spies.

Weakness and confusion are no attributes to maintain a strong foreign policy.

Yet that’s what we get from the Biden administration.

After looking at some of his actions and appointments to top intelligence posts, some experts believe Biden’s disastrous foreign policy is being done on purpose – to help usher in the Great Reset.

According to the Daily Caller, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has employed several experts who worked for front groups controlled by Communist Chinese spy agencies.

And Carnegie Endowment for International Peace used to be headed by none other than Biden’s current CIA director William Burns.

The majority of these ChiComm experts were hired while Burns served as president of Carnegie and they had previously worked in various Communist China-based nonprofits which were either founded originally, or eventually co-opted, by Communist Chinese intelligence agencies, including the Ministry of State Security (MSS) and the intelligence arm of the People’s Liberation Army.

They worked at both Carnegie’s headquarters in D.C. and its center at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

Even more shocking and concerning is Carnegie still employs many of these individuals.

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) was able to identify these employees by cross-referencing information included in a new book on the CCP’s intel operations written by Alex Joske.

Joske is a former analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and has been studying the growing Communist Chinese global spy and influence network.

His book, Spies and Lies, details Communist Chinese intelligence agents’ efforts to infiltrate and influence Western institutions and governments.

The book also reveals that one ChiComm front-group began courting Carnegie back in the early 2000s – a relationship the DCNF investigation shows has continued to this day and that Carnegie officials are very aware of.

Joske’s book lays out in great detail how Communist China’s MSS intelligence agency lured influential Western institutions closely connected with government agencies into partnerships with various Communist Chinese nonprofits.

According to Joske, they used the same tactics they deployed against George Soros’ China Fund in the late 1980s.

As Joske told the DCNF, “[The MSS] went after people’s best intentions towards China. There were plenty of people who believed in this vision of a more democratic and more open China and thought it was something that could be realized, even under the Chinese Communist Party.”

Burns was asked about his ties to the Communist Chinese at Carnegie by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

“This is a relationship that I inherited when I became president of Carnegie and that I ended not long after I became president,” Burns told Rubio.

Now we know he was lying.

The DCNF found that Carnegie had employed at least 20 Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members during Burns’ time at the helm.

The DCNF investigation also found that the think-tank allowed former Communist Chinese government personnel, including one CCP member, to work on Department of Defense grants dealing with nuclear warfare.

All of this during Burns’ presidency.

It’s time for William Burns to be removed as CIA Director and for an investigation into the Biden administration’s foreign policy operations to be made, including Hunter Biden’s ties to the CCP.