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This Democrat Candidate Was Just Arrested for Terrorist Threats 

by x82hPEs

The corporate liberal media is all abuzz about the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband. 

And as usual they’re trying to blame Trump. 

Meanwhile, they’re ignoring the news about one Democrat candidate who was just arrested for making terrorist threats. 

Democrats and their puppets in the media constantly talk about all the “violent” MAGA conservatives and Trump supporters. 

But what about when BLM thugs and Antifa terrorists burned down city blocks, robbed businesses, and even committed murder – all in the name of “equality” or something?  

Democrats stood silent. 

Actually, a few even joined in. 

And while churches and pro-life centers get firebombed and vandalized, they’ve stayed silent on that too – well, some have cheered on the criminals. 

In fact, when Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was attacked by his deranged leftist neighbor in his own backyard, Democrats actually cheered. 

But remember the out-for-blood socialist activist who mowed down dozens of people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last year?  

More than 62 were injured and 6 were killed. 

Well since the perpetrator didn’t fit the left’s narrative the tragedy was pretty much buried. 

So take the story of Diamond Arnold-Johnson, 32, who is running as a Democrat for state auditor of Arkansas. 

She was recently arrested during a Facebook livestream event.  

According to reports, she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest in the Wonder State for making first-degree terrorist threats – a Class D felony. 

But you won’t read about it in the Washington Post or see it on CNN.  

According to Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times, Arnold-Johnson’s husband, Arick Johnson, was on trial two months ago for making terroristic threats. 

The case was based on a few unidentified Facebook messages that had been attributed to him.  

However, during the trial, his wife ended up testifying that she was the one who made the threats – not her husband! 

Her confession resulted in his acquittal, but put Diamond – already the Democrat candidate for state auditor – in a world of hurt. 

Her admission in open court prompted law enforcement to investigate further into the threats and eventually obtain a warrant for her arrest. 

Police attempted to serve their warrant on October 13th, but supposedly Arnold-Johnson refused and officers decided not to “escalate a non-violent situation” at the time.   

Instead, two weeks later, several Little Rock police officers served her again during an October 28th Facebook Live event that she was attending.  

At first, Arnold-Johnson resisted and locked herself in a bathroom until she eventually came out and was arrested by police. 

Deep State Watch will keep you updated on this story since the corporate mainstream media will not.